We were recently featured on Texas Homes for Sale, a great place to find the best in Texas Real Estate and Dallas, TX Homes for Sale. Check out the article at Savory Memories: The Unforgettable, Edible Comforts of Chicken Scratch.

Delta Sky Magazine
Thanks to our collective yearning for food with a distinct sense of place, down-home Southern staples such as barbecue, bourbon and biscuits have never been hotter. Their reach is extending well beyond their… more »


NBC Online: Grab a Fork & Knife Sandwich at Chicken Scratch
You know you’re in for a good time when the only way to eat a sandwich is with a fork and knife. Ali heads to Dallas to try some of Chef Tim Byres’ Southern comforts at Chicken Scratch. Watch Video »


Thrillist (Fried Chicken)

With fried chicken places blowing up in Dallas faster than your waist size if you’ve been enjoying them already (or not, it’s just as easy to fatten up on BBQ), we’ve done the dirty work of plucking out the best birds… more »


BBC Travel
Dallas Fort Worth? Do not let the shared airport fool you. These two Texan cities, separated by just 30 miles of suburbia in the central north of the state, are as different as chalk and cheese. But Dallas and Fort Worth do have one thing in common: a mushrooming… more »


Thrillist (Mac and Cheese)

Do you have the “blue box blues“? Have you been craving a delectably ooey, gooey bowl of noodles paired with a borderline irresponsible amount of cheese? Do you daydream of lounging by a pool of golden liquid cheddar on chairs… more »


Food Network

Place your order at the walk-up counter, take a number, then let the little ones run free in the courtyard while you grab one of the picnic tables. When dinner does arrive — juicy fried chicken, locally sourced vegetables and homemade ranch sauce… more »


Dallas Observer

With perhaps the area’s only stud-chef inspired chicken shack (Tim Byre’s Chicken Scratch) and an outdoor stage made completely of wooden shipping pallets, The Foundry is as cool a spot to… more »


Southern Living
Twinkling strings of lights stretch across a beer garden lined with shipping containers. Have one of any of the nearly 50 beers. more »

Chef Tim Byres Nominated
Chef Tim Byres Nominated for a James Beard Foundation Book Award – Winners Announced May 2. More »

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