20 DIY Chicken Tunnel ideas for Every Garden

Today, we will be presenting you with 20 DIY chicken tunnel ideas! So, get ready because we’re going on an adventure.

diy chicken tunnel ideas

Before we start, keep in mind that the measurements and materials you need depend on several factors. To name a few, you would need to take account of your chickens’ sizes, your area, the predators present, and even your needs.  

Chicken Tunnels for Your Garden

Chickens are great for your garden. That is when they’re not eating your crops! Chicken tunnels are highly associated with crops as it’s great for gardening. They allow your chickens to show their skills in gardening and help with pests and weeds while also providing natural fertilizer. Here are some chicken tunnels for your plots.

1. Chicken Tunnel Fence Lining  

chicken chunnels

If you have an enclosed garden, you can make some space between the railing and the crops, then insert your chicken tunnel there.

Chicken wire is a good option for this one, especially if you also let your pets roam in your land. If you choose a wire with larger openings and your chickens decide to stick their head out, an untrained pet could render your chickens headless.

As a general rule, the chicken wire would almost always suffice unless you need a sturdy tunnel that won’t tumble so fast.


2. Chicken Tunnel Fence Lining 2.0

chicken chunnel

As the name suggests, this one is similar to the first plan.

However, this one would aid in conserving space while giving your chickens optimum roaming grounds. At the same time, its triangular shape makes the chunnel hard to miss. This prevents accidents that happen with low chunnels, such as accidentally kicking the tunnel and, therefore, denting the contraption.   


3. Linear Chunnel

On the other hand, you can make a linear chicken tunnel which would be perfect if you need to concentrate on a plot.

We suggest using lighter materials so that once one plot is all finish, you can move the chunnel to the next area with ease. You can use stakes or anything heavy to keep the chunnel in place.

This is not ideal if you have a lot of land predators.


4. The Chicken Tunnel Fence

diy chicken tunnel

If you have a small garden, then you can make your chicken tunnel your fence as well. This would save some space as opposed to attaching your chunnel to a railing.

You would need a sturdy frame for this one. Chicken wires don’t seem to be the best choice unless you plan on adding some strong bases. You might want to consider welded wires.


5. A Chunnel to the Crops

If you don’t have a full-sized garden, and you only have a few crops near your coop, then you can make a chicken tunnel that would connect their run to your crops.

Depending on how far the crops are, you might want to add a door to stop your chickens from exploring that area when you don’t want them to. The chicken door would especially be advisable if you used chicken wires or flimsy material for the tunnel. Big land predators might come and swoop your chickens from the tunnel if you are not watching.


6. A Chicken Tunnel to a Plot

Maybe you’re not yet sure if you want a garden. Well, while you’re thinking, you can create a chicken tunnel from the coop directly to the plot. This would allow the chickens to do some pest control and weeding while you’re thinking.

This is similar to the previous ideas, but only that the end of this tunnel is open. You could say your chickens have a destination in this one.


7. Chunnel to the Garden

Most of the chunnels we have discussed have restricted your chickens from fully exploring your garden. If you trust they won’t ruin your crops (and you don’t have anything deemed as poisonous for the little guys), then you can create a chicken tunnel from their home directly to your garden.

Identical with the previous idea, you might want to add a door if you only want them to roam your gardens under your supervision.


8. Chunnel Maze

On the other hand, you might have a big garden.

Building a chicken tunnel on the lining of your crops won’t help those in the middle. Making a chicken maze with movable parts and portions that opens or closes would give you some control over where you would want to place your chickens. Furthermore, it would be a fun chunnel for your birds!

However, if that’s a little too complex, then you might want to opt for the linear chunnel or the next plan we have.


9. Controllable Chunnel

If you like the concept of controlling where your chickens roam but don’t have the time to create a chunnel maze, then this one is for you.

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as the chicken maze. You can create a chicken tunnel that you can easily turn here and there every once in a while. However, take note that your control would be somewhat restricted with this one.


Chicken Tunnels Close to Home

Maybe you don’t have a garden or any crops. Maybe, you just want to watch your chickens roam around your home. If that’s the case, here are some chicken tunnels that would allow your little critters to be close to you.

10. Backyard Chicken Tunnel

chicken wire tunnel

If you have some land in your backyard, and you’d like to let your chickens roam there, then this one is for you. You might want to note if there are usually predators looming around when considering the materials you’re going to use.

Again, if you have any pets, you might want to use fences with small openings. This chunnel is like a mini playground for your chickens!


11. Chicken Tunnel Beside Your Home

chicken tunnel around garden

If you want to be extra near your chickens, then this is for you.

You can create a chicken tunnel right beside your house, or if you really want to go extra, you can make one following the outline of your home. If you have kids, pets, or predators around, make sure you use some sturdy materials!

This would also be a great idea to finally catch a pesky predator that keeps taking your chickens, as your little critters would signal you when it’s there. You, on the other hand, would finally be close enough to get the rascal.


Small Chicken Tunnels

Do chicken tunnels need to be long, tall, and large? No! If you have any free nook, you can make your little critters a chicken tunnel.


12. Temporary Chicken Tunnels

Here’s a chicken tunnel created in a tight space. You can make a pre-made one and place it whenever you need it.

This would be a good idea if you want to give your chickens some space to move when there are some things you have to fix in their run. Furthermore, it would also be perfect if you have some bantams!


13. Chicken Tunnel as an Extension

Maybe you don’t have space, or you’re just not yet sure if you want to commit to a long and winding chicken tunnel. Well, that’s not a problem at all. You can create chicken tunnels in sections to see if your chickens would love it. If you want, you can use it as an extension of their coop.

Long Chicken Tunnels

If you’re ready to commit to a long chicken tunnel, then we also have the perfect tunnels for you. Below are some chunnels that will satisfy your little guy’s need to explore and wander in the great outdoors.

14. The Merry-Go-Round Chunnel

It’s a chunnel that goes around from one end of the run to the other end. Depending on the land you have, you can either make this longer or shorter.

This would be perfect if there are many hawks around, as it would give your chickens more space without you having to worry about vultures coming in to swoop your little guys up.


15. Chicken Tunnels Fence Lining 3.0

chicken tunnel ideas

Earlier, we talked about chicken tunnels lining the inside of your plot. This is similar to that; the only difference is you would place the chunnel on the other side of the fence. This would give them more room to run around.

If it’s around their run, make sure the fence is high, as predators might use the chunnel as leverage to get in the run when the chickens are out of the tunnel and in the run or coop.


16. Chunnel to Nowhere

If you have a large expanse of land, you can create a chicken tunnel that leads to nowhere. Your chickens don’t need a destination. They would be happy to be given the chance to roam and explore uncharted places.

As always, if there are many land predators around, then make sure your chicken tunnel is extra sturdy.


17. Chunnel Maze 2.0

chicken tunnel plans

Again, your chickens don’t need any destination. You can create a chicken tunnel that would challenge your chickens by making them choose one of many ways.

Depending on how much land and time you have, you can create a chunnel going in different directions.

It might be a good idea to install several doors if you plan to do this. One, to restrict them in an area in case you don’t want them roaming somewhere. Two, doors that lead outside would also be a nice idea in case you’ll have to immediately get your chickens. However, make sure it’s hard to open so predators won’t figure it out.

Other Chicken Tunnels

Below are the chicken tunnels that are unique and you don’t go seeing around every day. However, they still look like fun projects to do and are definitely worth mentioning.

18. Circular Chicken Tunnel

flexible chicken tunnel

This one is definitely one of the most unique. It would keep your chickens running around in circles — literally!

Depending on your preference, you can make this one fit for gardening. If you have some trees, you can modify the tunnel to be a fertilization area for the trees. However, take note that you would, of course, need a lot of area around the tree, if ever.


19. Underground Chicken Tunnel

This one is made up of cement and was placed on a walkway, effectively connecting two sides of a run.

It seems clever, but it might not be the best idea if you have some large curious breeds on your farm. They might get stuck trying to find out the “mystery” of the tunnel.

However, if you want to try doing this one, you might want to make it a little bigger.


20. Big Chicken Tunnel

Okay, so your chickens don’t need that big of a tunnel. However, if you have the time, space, and resources, you can try to make this one! If you have some extra-large breeds, then this would be perfect. However, this will not do much for them, except maybe, avoid the usual chicken traffic happening in chunnels.


A chicken tunnel is a great addition to any keepers’ land. It could just be the solution you’re looking for in poultry management.

There you have it, 20 DIY chicken tunnel ideas! Whatever you’re looking for, there is a tunnel that would be right for you. 

diy chicken tunnel ideas

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