Can Chicken Eat Onions? (Nutrition, Advantage, Feeding Tips)

Onions are toxic to most cats and dogs. It also goes to the other plants in the onion family, like the shallots, garlic, leeks, and chives. So, can your chickens eat onions? Onions are not harmful to chickens as they are to other animals. 

This article will cover

  • Can The Chickens In Your Coop Eat Onions?
  • Scientific Studies On Why Chickens Can Eat Onions
  • Benefits Of Onions On Chickens
  • Onion Preparations For Your Chickens
  • Edible Part Of The Onion For Your Chickens
  • When Can Onions Be Dangerous To Chickens

Can The Chickens In Your Coop Eat Onions?

do chickens eat onion

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated that onions are lethal when swallowed by household pets such as cats and dogs. So, chickens eat onions? 

When cats and dogs consume onions, their red blood cells degenerate, which leads to hemolytic anemia. When one or two animals can’t eat a specific food, other animals can’t as well. But, it’s not the case for chickens eating onions. Any chicken breed can eat onions and are, in fact, suitable for these fowls.

It’s normal to have a lot of diet-related questions when it comes to raising or breeding chickens. Overall, chickens like to feed on scraps or any treats they find on the ground. Chickens are like pigs that would eat or pick any food they find. 

Yet, it’s best to still provide feeds for them as their main course. As chicken breeders or keepers, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the food you deliver these birds is safe to consume. And yes, onions are safe to eat for any chicken.

Scientific Studies On Why Chickens Can Eat Onions

Several studies on the effect of onions and other plants in the same family, such as garlic, on chickens. 

chickens eat onions

Weight and meat quality

One of the studies established the effects of onions on chickens. The study wants to know how garlic and onion affect body weight, carcass yield, and feeding cost. 

The result of the study discovered that 50 and 100 mg doses of garlic and onion increased the body weight of the chickens. And 100 mg of onions increase the chickens’ feed and water consumption. Also, the study claimed that those chickens that consumed 25 and 50 mg lessened the feeding cost of the treated flock at the end of 21 days trial period. 

Overall, there was progress in the feed conversion ratio of all the treated flock. Still, those flock that consumed onions developed better. Both treatments of garlic and onions didn’t affect the carcass yield of the chickens. The study concludes that onion and garlic are beneficial to advance the productive performance of chickens. But more studies need to verify the proper amount of intake, age of subjects, and other favorable conditions to get the best results of onion effects on chickens.

Egg Quality

Another study in 2001 also confirms that hens consuming onions will lay eggs that will have a taste of such herb. The chickens’ eggs will also give out an onion-like smell and taste. Despite the different results of studies, onions are safe for chickens as long as you consume them in moderation.


Another study in 2017 focused on the manure of the chickens fed on several crops, including onions. Also, on how that consumption affects the ability of their waste to sprout seeds. 

Benefits Of Onions On Chickens

can chickens eat cooked onions

Onions Nutritional Fact is 84 percent water, 1.8 grams of protein, and 40 mg of Calcium. More so, onions also cover 60 mg of Phosphorus and are excellent antimicrobial.

Onions have a lot of vitamins and minerals and are therefore healthy for chickens when consumed in moderation. They’re good for reducing inflammation, dropping blood sugar levels of your chicken and beneficial for these birds’ colon and bone health.

100 Onions Nutrition




40 kcal


89.1 g


1.1 g


0.1 g


9.34 g


1.7 g


4.24 g

Vitamin C

7.4 mg

Vitamin K

0.4 ug


0.129 mg


0.21 mg


146 mg


10 mg


29 mg


4 mg


0.17 mg


19 ug

The antioxidants in onions are the ones responsible for the dropping of blood sugar and healthier chicken bones. All the nutrients in onions perform a vital role in keeping your poultry active, healthy, and productive.

The carbs in onions provide energy, so your fowls remain energetic all day. At the same time, the fiber that contains fructans in onions is a source of fuel for the bacteria that helps digest food and make short-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids sustain colon health plus decrease inflammation. 

Vinegar is a good remedy for chickens becoming bloated which can cause death. But, if you don’t have vinegar, onions are also a perfect option to prevent cases of bloat in your chickens.

There are also Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, among other vitamins you can find in onions. Folate and Potassium are in considerable amounts in onions. These minerals also benefit your chickens.

However, onions are not the best treats for your chickens. That’s why it’s best to be cautious when feeding your pets, especially cats, dogs, and even horses and monkeys. The sulfides and sulfoxides found in onions can trigger anemia in animals. These compounds damage the red blood cells of the mentioned animals.

Onion Preparations For Your Chickens

can chickens eat onions and garlic

When you feed onions on chickens, they will not eat the stalks nor the peels. Plain raw and chopped will not go well either for your birds. Cooked onions are best because the heat also dissolves the harmful ingredients. 

More so, do not let your fowls eat dry food such as onion rings because this part of the onion may harm their health and lead to poor eggs’ quality as chickens can’t digest lipids. Here are some ideas you can prepare when feeding your chickens onions.

Roasted Onions

Roasted onions on strings will make your chickens in a coop happy and busy since they like the idea of pecking at foods. Roast a couple of onions on a grill or in an oven until they’re soft. Let the onions cool down before fastening the strings through the herb. Knot the string with roasted onions so the chickens can quickly peck on them inside their cage.  

Onion Trail Mix

This method includes boiling onions with a little bit of water without oil or butter. The two ingredients are not suitable for the fowls’ digestive tracts because chickens can’t digest them. 

Cool them first before mixing them into the chicken feed when the onions are soft and ready to eat. To make the onion trail mix more enticing to your poultry, you can add other treats such as bugs.

Scrap Mash

Mash onions cooked by boiling water and mix them in a bowl with other kitchen scraps. Chickens like to eat mixed treats from kitchen scraps as well.

Proper Amount Of Onions To Feed Your Chickens

You can feed onions to your chickens but in limited amounts and not often. To yield the benefits of onions to your chickens without the risk of side effects from taking place, consumption once a week is sufficient. Like the other herbs in the same family plant, onions can also present risks when consumed in more significant quantities.

Onions still contain a few toxic compounds, so even when scientists claim that onions are safe for chickens, the consumption should be in small quantities. More so, don’t force your poultry to eat onions if they don’t like it.

Better to give your chickens the option to peck onions when they only want. The best recommendation is to only feed onions to your chickens in moderation and only as a treat.

Edible Part Of The Onion For Your Chickens

can chickens eat green onions

The part of the onion plant that’s safe to eat for your chickens is the bulb that develops under the soil. The white part that grows skyward has the same nutrients as the onion bulb, so it’s edible for chickens. But the top green part of the scallions is not safe for chickens to eat. 

They generally don’t like its taste and smell, no matter which part of the onion you feed the chickens. That’s why it’s best to cook the onions correctly and with other treats to do away with the pungent smell and taste of it.

More so, onion peels have no advantages to your birds and mainly don’t consume them as well. So, it’s best to leave behind onion peels when you serve them. Also, chickens will have difficulty eating and digesting onion stalks as they don’t have teeth.

When Can Onions Be Dangerous To Chickens

can chickens eat garlic

Humans don’t eat a whole bowl of raw onions, or heartburn will arise ensued by diarrhea. It’s common sense, and you also don’t feed your chickens that way. A lot of raw onions can also affect the digestive system of the chickens. 

The sulfoxides and sulfides can cause Heinz body anemia in animals that can destroy the red blood cells in cats, dogs, and other animals. The good news is, there are no studies that onions are bad for chickens. 

But, it would be best if you took special note that the onions’ green stems can be a choking hazard for the birds. Although, most chickens don’t eat them as well.

Fried onion rings are also bad for chickens because they can’t digest the lipids from fatty foods, including oil and butter. Fried foods also affect egg quality and production.

In general, onions should not be more than five percent of your chicken’s everyday food consumption. Onions are suitable for your chickens but only if consumed in moderation.

Final Thoughts

So, can chickens eat onions? Onions won’t hurt your birds, so yes, chickens can eat when consumed in moderation. Let your fowls enjoy chicken as a treat in small amounts only and intermittently. Lastly, never let your chickens eat onions as their main diet.


can chickens have onions

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