Can Chickens Eat Peas? (Health Benefits, Nutrition, & Feeding Tips)

Can Chickens Eat Pea

Chickens are omnivorous animals known for their enthusiasm for various foods. As a chicken owner, you bear the responsibility of making sure that your little birds are happy. After all, you want them to be well-fed and healthy. However, you might be unsure about where to begin with their overall nutrition.

The most common question about chicken’s health is about peas. Therefore, let’s address the question: Can chickens eat peas, and should you include them in their diet? We conducted extensive research to help you resolve this dilemma.

Can Chickens Eat Peas? Here’s the Truth

Can Chickens Eat Peas

If you wonder if chickens can eat peas, the answer is a big yes! Chicken can eat any variety of peas, whether raw, cooked, or frozen peas.

Naturally, peas are a delightful bite for chickens since it is enjoyable to chase around and peck peas. Plus, peas are packed with valuable nutrients, rich minerals, and vitamins.

Nonetheless, owners should feed chickens peas in moderation like any other food and snacks. Peas can only be good for treats. It is never a proper substitute for standard and daily food for chickens.

What Are the Nutritional Benefits That Chickens Can Get from Peas?  

Peas are an excellent source of nutrition for chickens. It contains the right balance of carbohydrates and proteins. Peas have five to fifteen percent proteins, depending on their type and variety. So, these are some of the best feedstuffs for chickens and poultry.

Additionally, peas contain valuable minerals. It is filled with iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and selenium. Peas are also jump-packed with vitamins like vitamin A, B complex, C, and K.

We can see how powerful and good peas are for chickens. By consuming peas, chickens acquire calcium, the mineral much needed for the successful production of eggs.

Nonetheless, most people do not realize that peas are not veggies. Peas are nothing but legumes. If peas are combined as a part of a standard diet, it will benefit chickens.

While peas are necessarily good feeds for chickens, still, it is not better to let them overindulge in peas. After all, their food diet should come from high-quality pellets. 

 100g Peas Nutrition and Benefits for Chickens
Nutrient Amount Benefit for Chickens
Calories 81 kcal Provides energy for daily activities
Protein 5.42 g Essential for muscle and feather development
Fat 0.4 g Healthy fats for energy
Carbohydrates 14.45 g Source of energy and dietary fiber
Dietary Fiber 5.1 g Aids in digestion and gut health
Sugars 5.67 g Natural sweetness, appealing to chickens
Vitamin A 765 IU Supports vision and immune system
Vitamin C 40 mg Boosts immune system, aids in stress reduction
Vitamin K 24.8 mg Important for blood clotting
Calcium 25 mg Vital for bone health and eggshell strength
Iron 1.47 mg Essential for healthy blood
Magnesium 33 mg Supports bone health and enzyme functions
Phosphorus 108 mg Necessary for bone health and egg production
Potassium 244 mg Important for muscle function and hydration

Do Chickens Love to Eat Peas?

Do Chickens Love to Eat Peas

Indeed, a lot of chickens love eating peas. For them, these are like tiny balls that are thrilling to catch and chase. You can incorporate peas in your chicken’s playtime with that in mind. You will be surprised at why they enjoy and have fun eating peas.

We want to help you bond and have a great time with your chickens while they are grabbing peas. To do just that, we curate some of the best, fun-filled games that you can do with them.

Peas for Treats

You can always let peas be a quick but delightful treat for your chickens. The best way to go around this is to place the peas in the small holes on the ground.

After this, you can pick up your chicken and take it near the holes so they can have a glimpse of the peas. Then, let them run free and look at how they peck away the peas.

Or you could cover up the peas with hays and take the chickens near the enclosure. Then, voila! Let them pave their way and find the peas.


Let your chickens watch you roll peas on rough surfaces or the porches. After this, watch them run after the peas, which can be an amusing and exciting sight to see.

Chicken Jump

Another fun-filled activity for these birds is chicken jump. You may stand on a pebble while having your chicken in your arms. Slowly, scatter the peas in your hand in the air. Watch them catch and gobble the peas.

Rotting Log

Chickens love biting and nipping wood. So, you could take advantage and make use of lumber. You could fill the woods with many peas and observe how these birds prick the peas away.

Do you want some ideas? watch these chickens grabbing peas:

Can You Feed Your Chicken Cooked Peas?

Chickens can eat cooked peas. Cooked peas have abundant nutrients from other ingredients used while cooking them. Plus, cooked peas are filled with carbohydrates.

If there are leftover peas in your kitchen, do not quickly get rid of them. Instead, give them to your chickens.

Can You Feed Your Chicken Raw or Uncooked Peas?

Raw or uncooked peas kept nutrients intact. While these are often overlooked, boiled peas have lost some essential nutrients. So, giving your raw chicken peas only means that you can grab more proteins in it. However, at times, chickens find the taste of cooked peas much more flavorful than raw peas.

Can You Feed Your Chicken Dry Peas?

Can You Feed Your Chicken Dry Peas

Chicken can eat dry peas. Since it has less moisture, dry peas have higher concentrations of nutritional benefits. However, when your little chickens are gobbling dry peas, you need to make clean water accessible and available for them all the time.

Can You Feed Your Chicken Frozen Peas?

Frozen peas are fantastic snacks for chicken during the summer season. It can keep them cool while absorbing the nutrients they need for their overall health.

Additionally, frozen peas can help keep chickens cool and hydrated during the summer heat.

Can You Feed Your Chicken Sweet Peas?

While sweet peas may be fragrant and delicate, these plants are not for chickens to consume. These plants are hazardous for chickens. The seeds and flowers of sweet peas are poisonous and toxic to other animals like horses and, dogs, even humans.

Once these little birds consume these sweet peas, it can significantly affect their nervous system. What’s worse is that it can cause chicken seizures, paralysis, or even death. So, as much as possible, chickens should stay away from these toxic plants.

Because of this, if you have growing sweet peas in your garden or backyard, make sure that your chickens will not get them.

Can You Feed Your Baby Chicks Peas?

Ideally, baby chicks can start eating peas when they are at least three to four weeks old. So, it would be best to feed these little ones one or two at the onset. Then slowly increase it until they get used to having peas as snacks and bites. For more information on what to feed your baby chicks, including starter feed and other dietary considerations, you can read our article on “What Do Baby Chicks Eat?” 

What is the Best Peas that You Can Feed Your Chicken?

What is the Best  That You Can Feed Your Chicken

Typically, your chicken can absorb all kinds of peas available in the market. However, if you wonder what the best type of pea for them is, then the answer is split peas.

Split peas are dried peas that are divided in half. Compared to fresh peas, dry peas have double the number of proteins. But the advantage of having split peas is that they are much smaller and much easier to absorb than dried peas.

As we all can discover, chickens are not that fussy about what they eat and consume. So, look at this care sheet to overview the dos and don’ts when feeding these little birds

Chickens Care Sheet
Peas Split Peas, Cooked Peas, Raw Peas, Dry Peas, & Frozen Peas;
Type of Peas Snow Peas, Avola Peas, Canoe Peas, Hurst Green Shaft Peas, Kelvedon Wonder Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, & English Peas;
Seeds Sunflower Seeds, Watermelon Seeds, Grains, Papaya Seeds, & Pumpkin Seeds;
Safe Foods Grubs, Insects, Grains, Veggies, Fruits, & Herbs;
Food to Avoid Raw Beans, Chocolate, Green Tomatoes, Green Potatoes, Coffee, Teas, Avocado Skins & Pits, Sugar Treats, & Salty or Greasy Foods;

How to Properly Feed Your Chickens Peas?

Now that we discover that chickens eat peas, we are left with one thing: How to feed them peas properly?

Remember that when it comes to letting these little birds eat peas, it is okay for them to eat uncooked, cooked, dry, frozen, and fresh peas. The only thing that is not allowed for them to swallow is sweet peas.

The easiest way to feed your chicken peas is to remove the peas from the pods and let your birds eat them as they are.

Nevertheless, while your hens can grab dried peas, they are pretty hard to digest. It would be helpful to provide your chickens with cooked or fresh peas instead.

Also, as mentioned earlier, you can mix and match the feeding of peas with thrilling and exciting games. These can be excellent exercises for your chickens.

Otherwise, add and combine the peas to your chicken’s regular diet. That way, there will be a variety of foods for them. Plus, these can boost their overall mood and immune system.


Peas are okay for chickens to grab and eat. These are legumes that have a lot of proteins in them than vegetables. So long as you do not substitute peas for their regular diet and give these only as treats and snack bites for your chicken, it will be fine.

Plus, peas can add colors to your chicken’s overall diet and make their life more thrilling with fun games and legumes.

Can Chickens Eat Peas

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