8 Best Chicken Hatcheries In Connecticut [2024]

Assuming that you already have your own backyard chicken and have plans on expanding it in the future but do not know where to purchase it? Here are the 8 best chicken hatcheries in Connecticut to help you learn more about the chicken hatcheries near you and discern where you should get them.


1. Burr Farm

  • Location: 16 Depot Rd, Danielson, CT 06239
  • Phone: 860-774-3315

Burr Farm has been in the hatchery business and providing poultry needs for 50 years. However, it is not stated if they are NPIP certified. They offer various poultry products ranging from chickens that lay brown eggs, blue and green eggs, different breeds of ducks and turkey, as well as guineas.

You have the option to have it delivered right to your doorstep with a minimum quantity of 100 or pick it up at their Brooklyn, CT facility for small orders. Their retail price varies depending on the breed and gender, ranging from 1.05$ up to 9.70$.



2. Clark Farm

  • Location: 29 Wiese Albert Rd, Higganum, CT 06441
  • Phone: 860-539-7004

Although it is not stated if Clark Farm is NPIP certified chicken hatchery, they are operated and owned by a small family. In times of pandemic, they receive orders through reservations and are now open for pre-orders for the following year.

In the meantime, they only offer delivery or a contactless curbside pick-up of orders. They offer a variety of chicken breeds from Rhode Island Red, Orpington, Barred Rock, Ameraucana, Australorp, Wyandotte, Silkie, Sussex, Brahma, and a lot more. They require minimum orders. And the prices vary depending on the age, and the fees range from 15$ up to 39$ each.  



3. Tardif Poultry Farm

  • Location: 138 Meadowbrook Ln, Mansfield Center, CT 06250
  • Phone: 860-428-5258

Tardif Poultry Farm is under the local farms of Tardif Farm and Feed. It is a not NPIP certified small conservancy farm. It specializes in poultry and other heritage breeds such as chickens, ducks, geese, lambs, and a lot more. The breeds they sell are proven to be of top quality not only for breeding but also for the show.

They offer a variety of chicken breeds such as Wyandottes, Leghorn, Ameracaunas, Barred Rocks, Sex Links, and Comets ranging from 2.50$ to 6$ each. They also offer delivery of orders and can do pick up as well.   



4. The 4 Five Farm, LCC

  • Location: 20 Duncaster Rd, Bloomfield, CT 06002
  • Phone: 203-231-1553

The 4 Five Farm is owned by a small family that is into organic farming. The chicks that they sell are vaccinated both for Marek’s and Coccidiosis. Hence, you have the assurance that you are getting top-quality chickens.

The price range is at 10$ to 25$ depending on the age, and there will be an additional of 3$ per bird due to its rarity. They offer various breeds such as Plymouth Rock, Orpington, Wyandotte, Rhode Island, Sussex, and more. They offer delivery to customers within the 50 miles range of their farm with a charge of 1$ per mile.



5. Cathy’s House of Chickens

  • Location: Southbury, CT 06488
  • Phone: 860-384-5231

Cathy’s House of Chickens is owned by Cathy herself and started her hatchery farm as a hobby. It is a non-NPIP certified chicken hatchery farm that sells a wide variety of chicken breeds from Leghorn, Easter Egger, Orpington, Wyandottes, Sex Link, Ameraucana, Australorp, and more.

Price varies depending on the breed and starts at 5$ and requires a 50% deposit upon placing orders and paying the remaining balance during pick up. Moreover, they also offer to ship orders.  



6. Mad Mares Farm

  • Location: 329 Downs Rd, Bethany, CT 06524

Mad Mares Farm is a non-NPIP certified family-owned historic farm that offers farm animals ranging from Kunekune pigs to a wide variety of poultry such as chicken, ducks, and its eggs. Moreover, they also sell flowers and vegetables.

They have a wide variety of chicken breeds that they sell, ranging from Silkie, Bantam Cochin, D’Anve, Favorelles, and Old English. They do not allow drop-in visits for customers who are interested in a farm tour. And can only do pick-up of orders.



7. Cowlick Farms

  • Location: 40 Seckar Rd, Willington, CT 06279
  • Phone: 860-474-3276

Cowlick Farms is a family-owned chicken hatchery that offers a wide variety of farm animals ranging from cattle, black pigs to chickens. They sell Buff Orpingtons and Cornish Cross Chickens.



8. Farm Fresh

  • Location: 729 Hartford Pike, Dayville, CT 06241
  • Phone: 860-412-9080

Farm Fresh is a hatchery farm that is owned and operated by a small family that makes sure that they are hands-on in taking good care of their poultry. Their chickens are free-range, and they also feed them with organic products.

They offer a variety of chicken breeds and announce a live selling of their pullets. Their brown egg layers of chicken are a healthy crossbreed between a White Rock female and a Rhode Island Red male with a price starting from 25$. They set a schedule for pick-up of orders, and only eggs are being sold every day.


What You Should Look For When Buying Chickens in Connecticut?

Chicken Hatcheries In Connecticut

Is the hatchery farm NPIP certified?

It is recommended that you verify if the chicken hatchery you intend to purchase your new flock is NPIP certified. Although it may not be necessary, there are a lot of perks of buying your chickens in an NPIP certified one.

When you purchase from an NPIP certified chicken hatchery, you are assured that you are getting quality chickens. Although the requirements of the National Poultry Improvement Plan vary depending on each state, regardless, to be certified means the hatchery owner has consented to get the chickens to be tested to assure that the flock is free of any poultry disease.

If in case you already have an existing flock, it is necessary that you buy chickens that are illness-free to avoid introducing and contaminating diseases to the existing community.

Watch the video to see how the test is demonstrated to the chickens

Is it vaccinated?

Another important thing that you should check before purchasing chickens is to ask the breeder if the chickens are vaccinated. Of course, you are unaware of the flock’s history. And most likely, an outbreak might have occurred. Poultry disease is inevitable no matter how much you try to be cautious, after all.

One poultry disease that is the most common and present to every flock is Marek’s disease. Hence, the chick or the chicken must be vaccinated during its early days to develop an immunity. Though a vaccine may not guarantee complete protection for your flock, it still somehow helps make it in control rather than make the virus spread to your flock like a wildfire.

Chicken Hatchery Practices

Chicken Hatcheries ct

As someone who plans to raise your own backyard flock, you must align your principle to that chicken hatchery from which you intend to buy your chicken. These days, more and more breeders are focused on earning and selling and disregarding the wellness of their flock.

Animal cruelty exists. This may surprise you, but some breeders do not have good practices. The chicks and the chickens experience living in a too crowded, untidy, and dirty enclosure, and worst, some are being slaughtered mercilessly.

Ensure that you are supporting and buying from a breeder with good chicken hatchery practices and knows how to value the chicks. After all, they are earning money because of it.

 If you intend to purchase from an online store because you do not have time to check the chicks or the farm yourself, do thorough research and check reputable chicken hatcheries.

Watch the video for a quick tour of modern chicken farming

What is the chicken’s heritage?

Before purchasing, ask yourself and make sure as to what heritage and breed you prefer– may it be for show quality chicken or utility chicken. After deciding, ask the chicken hatchery owner what breeds they have or recommend for your chosen heritage.

Utility bird is the most common while some would prefer show quality birds. However, show-quality chickens are more expensive and require your commitment when taking care of them.

What is the ideal temperament of chicken for you?

Once you have finalized your game plan for your backyard chickens, may it be for dual-purpose or for the show, make sure that you also reconsider the breed temperament of the chicken. Just like humans, chickens, too, are unique and very different from one another. They have their personality and temperament.

If you only intend to have a small backyard flock where you just want it to be your source for daily fresh eggs and to consider as a pet, then we would suggest that you get a breed known to be warm, quiet, and docile.

If you also want to involve your child and expose them to the poultry life, then we suggest that you get compatible, safe, and friendly breeds for your children and the entire family.

Here are the 10 recommended chicken breeds that are great for kids that you may consider



Since Connecticut is considered to be the third smallest U.S. state when referring to the area, there are not many NPIP certified chicken hatcheries that can be found. Listed above are the 8 best chicken hatcheries in Connecticut that may be near you where you can purchase your backyard chicken needs.

chicken hatcheries in ct

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