7 Best Chicken Hatcheries in Mississippi [2024 Updated]

When buying chickens, chicken hatcheries are your go-to. In choosing the most suitable facility, you must be able to compare qualities like sanitary measures, reputation, NPIP participation, breeds, and more.

Luckily for you, we’ve listed the seven best chicken hatcheries in Mississippi! Continue reading to learn more!

Chicken Hatcheries in Mississippi

Top 7 Chicken Hatcheries in Mississippi

Here are the seven best chicken hatcheries in Mississippi:

1. Bresse Farms

Bresse Farms is one of the top chicken hatcheries in Mississippi with over 500 breeders. This chicken hatchery specializes in rare breeds known for their superior taste. To date, Breese Farms provides quality chickens to the rest of Mississippi.

This chicken hatchery is NPIP certified. With innovations and up-to-date techniques, Bresse Farms can generate natural medicines for raising poultry. Not only does this hatchery sell chickens. At Breese Farms, you can get rare breed chicks, eggs, and pure poultry medications. These include oregano essential oils.

You can also order day-old chick shipping boxes on Breese Farms’ website. There, you’ll get deals for a reasonable price. Also, placing an order is easy. This hatchery accepts online payments via debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.


2. Omega Hills Farm

Omega Hills Farm, situated on a 16-acre hilltop along Omega Drive, is a family-run chicken hatchery in Mississippi. For three generations, this chicken hatchery continues its legacy of providing rare breeds and high-quality chickens to different states. Omega Hills Farm is NPIP certified in Mississippi.

This chicken hatchery features Bielefelder chickens, Blue Isbar, Cream Legbar, Black Copper Marans, and Tolbunt Polish. A minimum order of six chicks is required for safe shipping. This number will provide enough body heat and padding. But you can also opt to pick up your chicks if you do not like to have them shipped.


3. Sanderson Farms, Inc.

Since 1947, Sanderson Farms, Inc., has been taking care of chickens and providing poultry in Mississippi. As Sanderson Farms’ tagline goes, “Good, honest chicken” uplifts the hatchery’s values since its founding. That’s over 75 years ago!

This facility in Ellisville is a 55,000-square-foot hatchery. It is located on 19 acres of land. Sanderson Farms, Inc. uses cutting-edge technology. It has a 36-machine chicken hatchery. This operation helps detect developments and techniques that contribute to the efficiency of the hatchery.


4. Amick Farms, LLC

The first step to raising nutritious broiler chickens is to provide healthy eggs. With Amick Farms, LLC, there will not be any problem with that. Amick Farms LLC is a reputable chicken hatchery in Mississippi. It gives value to sanitary practices and poultry health. It is a registered participant in the NPIP.

Amick Farms LLC sets goals for safety, quality, and clients’ cost expectations. This chicken hatchery distributes to over 40 states. Its unmatched partnerships with many customers, partners, and members honor the hatchery’s most valued asset—its people. With efforts to become a world-class food company, Amick Farms LLC is on the rise.


5. Wayne Farms LLC

One of the leading chicken hatcheries in Mississippi is Wayne Farms LLC. With a vision to become a top-notch chicken hatchery, Wayne Farms provides customers with innovations, partnerships, and opportunities. Wayne Farms LLC gives the best quality of service at a competitive cost.

Wayne Farms LLC is committed to giving customers fresh poultry products. Its priority is animal welfare, with shared values of sustainability and good stewardship. Wayne Farms is a vertically integrated poultry facility. It consists of hatcheries and feed mills. Wayne Farms also has a slaughter processing plant. This farm stands on 48 acres of land.


6. Mark’s Happy Hens

Located in Coldwater, Mark’s Happy Hens is hailed as one of the best chicken hatcheries in Mississippi. Mark’s Happy Hens hatches, raises and sells chicks. As customers say, this hatchery offers clean and healthy chickens.

Among the breeds offered by Mark’s Happy Hens are Blue/Gold Partridge Hens. Other breeds include Black Copper Marans and Blue/Gold Partridge Brahma. Here, you can get organic, fresh eggs and the happiest hens.


7. Marshall Durbin Hatchery

Marshall Durbin Hatchery is a proud member of the US Poultry & Egg Association, the National Chicken Council, and the Mississippi Poultry Association. It is one of the largest private poultry companies in the US.

Marshall Durbin Hatchery proudly offers the freshest chicken for you. Plus, this chicken hatchery is NPIP registered.

This chicken hatchery was founded in 1935 by Marshall Durbin Sr. It grew and expanded in Waynesboro, MS, with a newer hatchery in Alabama. With its expansion, Marshall Durbin Hatchery adopted poultry techniques, trained service crews, and made efficient egg hatcheries to serve the rest of the Southeast and the world.


What to Look for When Buying Chickens in Mississippi

What to Look for When Buying Chickens in Mississippi

Are you buying chickens for the first time? With all the information you read online, you might be confused about what to consider.

But we can’t blame you for that! Buying chickens needs careful thought of many factors.

Luckily, we make things easy. We’ve listed a simple guide including all you need to look for when buying chickens in Mississippi:

Local Climate in Mississippi

You might not have thought of this: It is crucial to consider the climate in Mississippi when buying chickens.

Some types of chicken, like the Brahmas, do not like wet, muddy grounds. Hence, you should provide extra care for this breed.

Besides that, some birds are vulnerable to climate change. Some only thrive in narrow temperature ranges. Sudden changes in weather conditions can shock the flocks.

Some chickens do not like cloudy days. Check out our list of the best chicken breeds for beginners to learn more.

In Mississippi, a humid, subtropical climate is experienced. There are mild winters, long summers, and year-round precipitation. Hence, considering this is necessary when buying chickens. Think of safe and climate-proof solutions to care for your flocks.

Living Health Conditions of Chickens

Living Health Conditions of Chickens

Is the chicken in the hatchery you’re eyeing healthy? When buying chickens, this is one of the top considerations.

Always watch out for the health conditions and living environment before buying.

Here’s a checklist for you:

Clean coops are healthier coops

Check if the living environment of the chickens is sanitary. If you do not know yet, birds have a sensitive respiratory system. They can get easily irritated by mold, litter, and ammonia. Besides that, having unsanitary living conditions is a breeding ground for bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Make sure that the coop is well-maintained before purchasing.

Healthy chickens are alert, happy, and mobile

It is easy to spot which chickens are healthy. Observe how often they move around, strut, and scratch. Healthy chickens are always on the go. If you find chickens that seem to have low energy or not moving at all, it’s not a good sign.

Healthy chickens should not have body restrictions

The wings should be symmetrical and well-aligned with the chicken’s body, without any protruding parts.

The wings should allow the chickens to run and move freely. You should also check the chicken’s body and stance. Veer away from chickens with body problems like a wry neck.

Healthy chickens have responsive eyes

Chickens may not have the sharpest eyesight, but healthy ones should have alert and bright eyes.

According to studies, broilers have better vision in bright places.

Mississippi Laws on Raising Chickens

Mississippi has set laws on raising chickens. These laws are for the safety of everyone, including all suppliers and dealers.

If you’re buying chickens, it’s essential to comply with Mississippi’s regulations on poultry raising. The following are some requirements set by the Mississippi Board of Animal Health:

  1. All chicks, eggs, and breeding stocks transported should follow the US Pullorum-Typhoid Clean’s requirements.
  2. Hatcheries, chick dealers, and the like must always observe strict sanitary measures. Hence, all facilities and equipment should be cleaned and disinfected.
  3. Hatching eggs and commercial eggs must not be in the same room.
  4. All chicks should be shipped in approved chick boxes.
  5. All chicks should be kept in a clean and sanitary room.
  6. If the chicken hatcheries are participating in the NPIP, all intentions should be reported to the Official State Agency. That is the State Office, MPA, Mississippi State, MS.

Final Thoughts

As the country’s number four poultry state, the list of the best chicken hatcheries in Mississippi is filled. But choosing the most suitable one for you can get tricky, all the more so when buying chickens for the first time.

It is a golden rule to follow the requirements and regulations set by the state. Never forget them! If you do, do not hesitate to get back to our list of the top chicken hatcheries in Mississippi.

Hatcheries in Mississippi

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