27 DIY Chicken Feeder Ideas – You Can DIY this Weekend

Since food is one of the essential elements in keeping your chicken healthy, it is best to have a suitable feeder. Though many feeders can be bought online, you can also make one by yourself. Not only that this saves money, but you can also customize a feeder that suits the needs of your chickens and that suits the structure of your coop. Below are the best DIY chicken feeder ideas.

1. One Hole PVC Pipe Feeder

One Hole PVC Pipe Feeder

This PVC Pipe Feeder is very cheap and easy to do. You only need a little bit of assembly. Not only is it easy to make, but it is also beneficial since it can stand rainy seasons. PVC feeder keeps the food from scattering and prevents the feeds from getting wet. This PVC chicken feeder can be placed inside the chicken coop or outside for your free-range chickens.


2. No-Spill Chicken Feeder

No-Spill Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is spill-free since the PVC pipe size is enough for the chicken to insert their head and not so big that they can’t whip their head. Whipping can cause the feeds to scatter. This feeder is easy to do and assemble. You will only need to have different PVC pipes to complete this project. 


3. Multi-hole PVC Feeder

This DIY chicken feeder is ideal if you have a large number of chickens. This feeder comes with many holes that your chickens can share when eating their feeds. It is made from PVC pipes which are very cheap and waterproof, and you can hang the feeder inside the coop. If you want to have a costless and easy-to-make chicken feeder, this one is for you. 


4. Double PVC Chicken Feeder

Double PVC Chicken Feeder

This type of DIY chicken feed comes with two open ends that allow more chicken to eat. This PVC feeder is cheap and easy to assemble. It is also suitable for rainy seasons since you can cover the pipe to avoid feeds from getting wet. This feeder can also hold enough feed, so you won’t need to refill it from time to time.


5. Easy Hanging Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is ideal if you want to make it quick and less expensive. The materials of this chicken feeder are made of PVC. This feeder is light and cheap and can be done in minutes. You only need to assemble and cut some pipes. This project is good for you if you have several chickens since they can share in this feeder. 


6. Automatic Chicken Feeder

Automatic Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is very innovative because it discourages unwanted visitors from eating the feed. The chicken needs to step on a platform to open the feeder. Other animals such as birds, mice, and rats are not heavy enough to step into the platform to open it. This feeder keeps the feed dry with its good cover, protecting it from the rain.


7. Trash Can Feeder

This trashcan feeder is big enough to cater to a good amount of feed. You won’t be needing to refill it from time to time. Plus, it can feed several chickens since it has many pipe openings. This feeder is made of a big plastic trash can and PVC pipes, which make it waterproof. This pipe also keeps the feeds clean since it has a cover. It also keeps the feeds away from being wet. 


8. Bucket Chicken Feeder

Bucket Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is quick and very cheap. You will need to make this feeder out of peanut butter or mayonnaise containers. This chicken feeder is easy to clean and easy to refill. This project is small and ideal for your chicks.


9. Empty Plastic Bottle Feeder

If you are looking for a bottle feeder from recycled material, this one is for you. This feeder is made with empty plastic bottles. This project is easy to make since you only need to cut the plastics and grip them using metal wire. The preparation and assembles are easy to do. This feeder is cheap and can be done in no time.


10. Treadle Chicken Feeder

Treadle Chicken Feeder

A treadle chicken feeder is a great innovation that is essential in raising chickens. This treadle chicken feeder is big and has a thick platform that lets the chicken eat on the box’s lids. This chicken feeder is innovative because it keeps the mice, rats, bugs, and other insects from eating up the chicken feed inside.

Chicken may have a hard time adjusting to this feeder, but they will get used to it in the long run. It is better to keep an eye on them; they will get accustomed to using this feeder. It takes patience for the chicken to get used to this type of feeder.


11. Upcycled 2-Liter Chicken Feeder

This DIY plastic bottle feeder is cost-effective since the main material is an empty soda bottle. This feeder is easy to make and can be done in one sitting. You can hang this chicken feeder, or you can leave it on the ground. This feeder is simple and easy to do. 


12. DIY Bucket Feeder

DIY Bucket Feeder

The DIY bucket feeder is innovative in the way that it keeps the chicken feed clean and dry. This bucket feeder is also easy to handle and easy to clean. The bucket feeder is very convenient and flexible to use.

This feeder is automatic yet simple, which helps the chicken to have easy and messy free access to their feeds. Creating this bucket chicken feeder will need a bucket, PVC pipes, a hole saw, and a driller. This DIY is easy to make, and the materials need are cheap. 


13. Gutter Trough Chicken Feeder

This DIY chicken feeder project is very cheap. This gutter trough feeder is ideal if you have several chickens since the gutter structure of the feeder can cater to many chickens. This DIY project is easy to make and will cost you no time to finish.


14. Bulk Chicken Feeder

Bulk Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is simple and cost-effective. The structure of this feeder keeps the chicken from tossing out the feeds. This feeder is made up of a plastic bucket, PVC pipes, and wood. This DIY project is ideal for you if you want to create a feeder without compromising your budget.


15. Old Tire Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is very easy to do and very cheap. The main component for this is an old tire. You can also buy this one in some junk shops or cut it in half if you have an old tire. If the tire is thin, you can use a sharp knife, but you will need a cutting tool if a sharp knife can’t do the thing.

After then you need to disinfect the tire to keep it clean. You may clean it with detergent soap and wash it thoroughly with water. Wipe the tire clean using a clean rag. 


16. Salad Bar

Salad Bar

If you want to make your chicken healthy, you can create a salad bar for them to access healthy foods. This salad bar is an excellent addition to your chicken coop. The salad bar is simple and easy to make. The process is just simple, like planting vegetables.


17. The Metal Canister Gravity Feeder

This metal canister gravity feeder is made of PVC and metal canisters. This metal canister is a long-lasting feeder since it is durable. It can feed large flocks. The materials that you will need for these DIY feeders can be easily found in the local hardware. 

To start with, you need to make a hole in the bottom part of the canister. You can use a hole saw to make a hole and ensure that the PVC pipes will fit into the hole. After that, insert the elbow PVC pipes into the hole. You can use 2 inches 90 elbow pipes.


18. Hanging Cofefe Can Feeder

Hanging Cofee Can Feeder

Please don’t throw away your coffee can since it can still be used as a chicken feeder. Hanging coffee can feeder is cost-free and easy to make. To start with, you need to get a coffee can with a lid.

Next, you will need a tray for the feed well, and it must be larger than the coffee can with approximately 1 inch deep. Then you will need three nuts with bolts. Next is a 2-3 feet cord for the hanger, a pair of sharp utility shears, and a drill and bit. 


19. Old Fan Chicken Feeder

Old Fan Chicken Feeder is a unique and very easy chicken feeder. The materials that you will use are available in your home and very cheap. You will need a basin and the metal covers for the electric fan.

Since the metal cover of the electric fan is tightly closed to each other, you will need to remove some to create enough space. It is essential to create enough space so the heads of the chicken can quickly enter and easily peak the food. After that, make a small hole into the basin where you will attach the metal cover. Secure the grip using zip ties. 


20. Two-Week Chicken Feeder

Two-Week Chicken Feeder

This DIY chicken feeder is big enough that it can hold 50lb of chicken feeds. It has a mechanism that allows the feeds to drop slowly; these droppings could last for several weeks.

This chicken feeder is very innovative since this dispenser can slowly dispense feeds for several weeks—no need to refill from time to time. You can leave your chicken using this feeder if you want to go on a vacation.


21. Cardboard Chicken Feeder

This project is effortless and cheap. You will need to have a cardboard box. Create a pyramid using the cardboard box. The size may vary depending on the available cardboard or depending on your preferred length and height. Secure the sides using packing tape.

Cover the ends of each pyramid to secure. After creating a Toblerone shape, measure the sides where you will make holes. You can use a 3-inch hole saw. Cover the whole pyramid with tape to keep it from getting wet. After that, you can now use the feeder. A cardboard feeder is not long-lasting but can be a temporary feeder.


22. 5 Gallon Chicken Feeder

5 Gallon Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is easy to make and very cheap. You will only need a 5-gallon bucket bought in some sandwich shops and is sometimes given free. This chicken feeder also needs large foil roasting pans that can be purchased in dollar stores; it would be better if you had it available in your house.


23. DIY Bamboo Feeder

The DIY Bamboo feeder is a natural and cost-free project that you can use for your chicken. It would be best if you found dried bamboo. Cut the bamboo using a saw. You can also make a bamboo handle to grip the bamboo feeder easily.

This bamboo feeder is very natural and environment-friendly since no plastic is being used, just pure bamboo. This feeder is unique and aesthetic. You can create a feeder using bamboo with different styles and designs that suits your preference and liking. 


24. Hanging Chicken Feeder

Hanging Chicken Feeder

This hanging chicken feeder prevents spoilage and spillage. You will need a bucket for this project. It is hung at an appropriate height that the chicken can reach. This chicken feeder is simple, cheap, and easy to make. If you have available pails or buckets, you can choose this DIY in creating a feeder.


25. Wood Chicken Feeder

To make Wood Chicken Feeder, you will need a pallet plank and 1 inch and a half nails. Make sure that the through sits nice and level. This chicken feeder is very cheap and easy to make. If you have available wood planks in your house, you can make this DIY at no cost. All you have to do is to do some drilling and cuttings to finish this project.


26. HomeMade Wood Chicken Feeder

HomeMade Wood Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is highly functional. The materials needed for this feeder are wood. This chicken feeder is easy to make, and you won’t need to spend money on this. This one is also a space-saving feeder.


27. Jug Chicken Feeder

If you have available jugs in your house, this DIY is for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have one; you can purchase this at a low cost. It would be best to cut the jar into half; the upper part must look like a funnel, and the lower part must have a cup-like structure.

Make two rectangular cuts on the cup-like design. Then turn the funnel upside down into the cup. Secure the grip by creating a slit or a hole using a wire or zip ties.


There are many ways to create a DIY chicken feeder. The style and sizes of this feeder depend on your preference and available materials. Aside from giving your chicken a suitable feeder, it is also best to make a DIY since it is cheap. You can save money while creating a feeder that suits your preference and a feeder that can fit in your coop. 

DIY Chicken Feeder ideas

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