32 DIY PVC Chicken Feeder Ideas – DIY this Weekend

It’s difficult to imagine a feeder that is less complicated to construct than a DIY PVC chicken feeder. It is the simplest feeder to construct using components that can be purchased at any hardware store. It prevents chickens from scooping feed out of the feeder and is extremely simple to construct, making it a must-have for your chicken coop.

1. Dine-A-Chook

diy pvc chicken feeder Dine-A-Chook

This has to be the simplest chicken feeder you can make. This feeder can hold 10 pounds of feed, but a longer piece of PVC can fit much more. To avoid injuring your chickens, smooth out the hood’s sharp edges and corners with a Dremel or a file. To attach to your coop, you can use galvanized hook straps or 4′′ PVC straps.


2. Outdoor PVC Chicken Feeder

The feeder’s main goal is to reduce feed spillage as much as possible. With this DIY PVC chicken feeder, you can avoid the hassle of cleaning a cluttered poultry cage. This chicken feeder design is a simple, low-cost feeder that reduces waste and attracts fewer wild birds. You will have no problems with mold or rotting feed.


3. Spill-Free Chicken Feeder

diy pvc chicken feeder Spill-Free Chicken Feeder

You’ll only need a plastic pipe, connectors, and an end cape to build this feeder. It consists of one long tube for filling the feed and another upward-facing tube for the chicken to eat. It only takes a few minutes to assemble this no-spill feeder using materials from your local hardware store. You can put this together in less than an hour.


4. Bulk Chicken Poultry Feeder

All you need for this simple DIY feeder is a drum and a PVC elbow with a flange. This feeder did not take more than an hour to make, nor did it cost a lot of money. It’s much easier to feed the chicks now that a 25kg/55lb bag of feed fits perfectly inside the drum.


5. Backyard Chicken Lady Chicken Feeder

diy pvc chicken feeder Backyard Chicken Lady Chicken Feeder

It has two feeder holes with a slight 22-degree bend in the middle to prevent the chickens from scooping out more food than they can consume in one sitting. Depending on how long you make the vertical tube, this can hold approximately 10 pounds of feed in total. If you intend to use this feeder for many chickens, the two open ends will be beneficial.


6. DIY Chicken Grit Feeder

This grit feeder, also known as an oyster shell feeder, is primarily intended to provide oyster shells to chickens, which are a good source of calcium. Using this simple-to-assemble chicken grit feeder, you can keep food spillage to a minimum. The process of making this chicken feeder is as simple as the process of replenishing the feeds.


7. Instructables Living Chicken Feeder

diy pvc chicken feeder Instructables Living Chicken Feeder

The feed will not spill out of this chicken feeder even if you fill it up quickly. There are no adverse effects on either chickens or non-chicken life forms when using this product, and it is weather resistant.

This design makes use of an additional three-inch piece that is attached to the Y connector. The small three-inch piece extension was successful in reducing feed spillage to almost nothing!


8. DIY Easy Chicken Feeder

pvc chicken feeder diy DIY Easy Chicken Feeder

 This feeder keeps bugs and rain out while keeping the feed clean and preventing the chickens from scattering it. It takes less than an hour to construct this simple PVC Pipe Feeder.

PVC feeders prevent food from being strewn around because the feeds are not moist. They may also withstand rainy seasons. You can use this free-range chicken feeder made of PVC both inside and outside the coop.


9. DIY Less-Waste Chicken Feeder

diy pvc chicken feeder DIY Less-Waste Chicken Feeder

Reduced food waste is just one advantage of this feeder’s design. It looks clean and offers plenty of storage space while also protecting it from the rain and water. It’s a great design because it’s self-refilling and can hold six chickens’ worth of food for an entire week. This is ideal if you’re going away for the weekend.


10. Multiple Holes PVC Feeder

This chicken feeder is ideal for large flocks of hens or chickens. The multiple holes in this feeder will encourage your chickens to share their food. The holes in the feeder trough are there to prevent the birds from fighting. Watertight PVC pipes are used to construct the feeder, which can hang inside the coop.


11. DIY Bucket Chicken Feeder

diy pvc chicken feeder DIY Bucket Chicken Feeder

One single material is used to construct this bucket chicken feeder, making it incredibly simple to put together. Low maintenance cleans up quickly and preserves the freshness of food.

If you fill the bucket with feed fully, you won’t have to check on their feeder as frequently because it will last for days. The chicks can’t spill or toss waste into the feeds because it is designed to keep feeds clean and free of dirt.


12. Suspended Chicken Feeder

This is a simple and easy method of feeding your flock. This chicken feeder must hang off the ground at a height roughly the same level as the back of your medium-sized chickens.

The reason for this is that you want them to poke their heads over to get their food without wasting it. This project is ideal if you are raising a large flock of hens because they may share the feeder.


13. Do-It-Yourself PVC Chicken Feeders

diy pvc chicken feeder Do-It-Yourself PVC Chicken Feeders

These PVC chicken feeders are appealing because they keep other animals and insects out of the feed. Each of the pipes could hold about half a bag of feed. You only need to fill them once a week, and 12 hens can use them. These produce very little food waste. You can close them up at night, and the seams are waterproof to keep the feeds dry.


14. Garbage Bin Feeder

In addition to chickens, you can also use this simple chicken feeder for ducks. You can save money on bird food by making your own feeder.

The design used a repurposed 30-gallon trash bin and converted it into this chicken and duck feeder. There are no complicated parts to assemble, and the end result is exactly what you wanted. This 30-gallon garbage can holds three 50-pound feed sacks.


15. No-Fuss Chicken Feeder

diy pvc chicken feeder No-Fuss Chicken Feeder

You’ll save time and effort by using this simple chicken feeder. The enclosed design of the feeder keeps chickens from scratching and pecking food out of it. There’s a rain canopy on the feeder, too, so the birds’ feet stay dry, and there’s less waste. A neat design and the ability to shut the feeder at night will deter rodents.


16. Trough Style Chicken Feeder

If you keep a large flock of chickens, this feeder is an excellent choice because of the large capacity provided by the gutter design. If you own a henhouse or a homestead, this is especially helpful. Meat broilers, such as Cornish cross, will benefit significantly from this chicken feeder. This large chicken feeder can store a lot of chicken feed in it.


17. DIY Bulk Chicken Feeder

diy pvc chicken feeder DIY Bulk Chicken Feeder

Anyone can construct this low-cost bird feeder that is simple to assemble. Using this feeder prevents the chickens from strewing their food all over their pen and causing a sloppy mess.

The construction of this chicken feeder will take you no more than a day, and your hens will enjoy using it for years to come. The bucket’s exterior is sealed with silicone caulking to prevent moisture from penetrating the PVC pipe and rotting your poultry feed.


18. Metal Gravity Fed Chicken Feeder

This gravity feeder’s components are made of metal canisters and PVC. Metal is too hard to bite for rodents and mice to chew on, so this feeder keeps them away from the food. This metal feeder is designed to keep hens from wasting food by preventing them from scattering it around. This metal bird feeder will last a long time, thanks to its sturdy construction.


19. Adorable DIY Spill-Free Chicken Feeder

Adorable DIY Spill-Free Chicken Feeder

This easy-to-assemble chicken grit feeder will help you keep food from spilling all over the place. With this chicken feeder design, you won’t have to worry about constantly replenishing the food. Reduce food waste by a significant amount.

For someone who loves chickens or interested in raising, this DIY chicken feeder would be ideal. It’s also a great way to use any leftover PVC scraps from other projects around the house.


20. Semi-Automatic Chicken Feeder

The Semi-Automatic Chicken Feeding System is designed so that you do not have to fill it with feeds on a daily basis. This one will hold enough food for at least a few days and will reduce the amount of time spent cleaning out and filling the smaller feeders. This is also preferable to ground feeders, which accumulate dirt quickly and must be cleaned.


21. PVC True Auto Waterer

PVC True Auto Waterer

This design connects a nipple system with PVC tubing and then seals it off to eliminate the need for routine maintenance and inspections. This waterer’s capacity can be increased to serve a larger flock better. Suppose you’re always on the go and don’t have time to regularly replenish the flock’s water supply; this auto water is just what you need.


22. Heated Waterer Nipples

This is a newer watering system with two PVC pipes, one of which is heated and intended for use during the winter months. This design’s water-saving features can be beneficial to both commercial scale farming and homesteading operations. You don’t clean and replace the water in the coop on a regular basis, which saves you time.


23. Fang Dangled Automatic Chicken Waterer

pvc chicken feeder diy Fang Dangled Automatic Chicken Waterer

The pallet chicken coop can be managed and cleaned more effectively with this dangling automatic waterer. It helps to lessen some of the problems and stress associated with chicken raising. To help prevent leaks, a gasket is included in the connector piece where the PVC pipe is inserted. Put a piece of wood next to the pipe to keep the shavings from spilling out.


24. No-Spill No Waste PVC Chicken Feeder

It makes use of a 4-inch PVC pipe that is large enough to accommodate the chicken’s head. An overhang protects the feeds from rain, and a reducer prevents the container from overflowing and spilling out. Because it is an elevated feeder, it will be simple for the chickens to poke their heads inside to get food.


25. Instructables PVC Chicken Waterer

pvc chicken feeder diy Instructables PVC Chicken Waterer

This waterer is made from PVC pipe, a chicken feeder cup, silicon sealant, and PVC solvent, all of which are environmentally friendly materials. Even though this chicken waterer has a simple design, it is extremely effective because it automatically refills and is less messy.


26. Automatic Chicken Watering System

This automatic gravity-fed rain barrel poultry watering system installed inside your chicken coop will undoubtedly be a hit with your flock. Water is provided to the chickens in an enclosed water feeder, which keeps the water clean by preventing contamination from outside dirt. When it isn’t raining, the rain barrel is covered to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


27. Chicken Nipple Watering System

pvc chicken feeder diy Chicken Nipple Watering System

This waterer is useful for both adult birds and the tiniest of flock members. Anyone can make this type of waterer with a few basic tools and any variation to suit your flock’s size needs. You can feed 10-12 chickens with one nipple waterer. The height of your coop should adjust to accommodate your chickens from tallest to shortest.


28. DIY Automatic Chicken Feeder

It’s an automatic chicken feeder that can feed nine chickens for a week and a half without refilling. You can install this inside the coop. It is very slim and compact, so it sits out of the way and does not take out any floor space. It’s a very simple design from a piece of sewer PVC and takes only 5 minutes to build.


29. Gravity Fed DIY Chicken Waterer

pvc chicken feeder diy Gravity Fed DIY Chicken Waterer

The poultry nipples in the PVC pipe used in the gravity-fed watering system are fed from a food-grade 3-gallon bucket. It has the benefit of being completely disassembled for cleaning and can hold enough water to last at least a few days. In this way, no poop or bedding will end up in your chicken coop’s water, and it won’t get knocked over, contaminating the rest of your coop.


30. Revolutionary Chicken Feeder

This chicken feeder is waste-proof, rain-proof, and mouse-proof. It protects the feeds from getting contaminated with wastes like their stools or from getting wet from water or rain and stops the mouse from eating your feeds. And it stops the chicken from wasting and throwing their food around.


31. Inexpensive PVC Chicken Feeder

This PVC Chicken Feeder is an economical way to reduce waste in your yard. Its convenient construction boasts a water-resistant feature, making sure the chickens are given clean and fresh feed each time.

It’s tough enough to resist the impact of tough beaks, yet made from PVC so it won’t wear out quickly. This feeder prevents chickens from getting grains all over the place and assists in easy refilling due to its broad opening.


32. DIY Rodent-Proof Chicken Feeders

Building this unique PVC rodent-proof chicken feeder can be done quickly with only basic materials. Its adjustable tubing controls how much your birds are fed at a time while providing protection from mice or other vermin who might otherwise get to the grain. With these safeguards, it’s an inexpensive and easy way to safely feed your chickens.


Organize your coops with these easy DIY PVC chicken feeder plans. They keep your coop clean and reduce feed waste. These free designs only require a few low-cost supplies in exchange for a peaceful night’s sleep. With these simple plans, you won’t have to worry about feeding and watering your feathered friends all day.

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