27 Easy Frame Chicken Coop Plans – You Can DIY This Weekend

frame chicken coop plans

The frame of your chicken coop is essential in a way that it will give structure to the cage. Careful planning of the frames is necessary to verify the size and materials needed for your chicken coop. Now, I will share some frames for your chicken coop, which are easy to build, innovative, and cheap.

1. Attic Framed Chicken Coop Plan

Attic Framed Chicken Coop Plan

Attic framed chicken coop is very simple and easy to make. This chicken coop has a Toblerone-framed shape. The structure of this coop is divided into the upper and the lower portion. This chicken coop looks like an attic since there will be an upper structure for this.

The upper part is enclosed with plywood. On the lower part, you may enclose it using a mesh wire. This type of chicken coop has a functional drawer for egg collection. This chicken coop is easy to clean. This attic chicken coop frame is basic but very functional. 


2. Cedar Roofed Frame Chicken Coop Plan

This cedar-roofed frame chicken coop is ideal. Moving your chicken coop from one place to another can be a little bit stressful since you need to work on the wheels. However, this chicken coop is ideal for transferring without worrying about attaching wheels to your coop.

This coop is designed with two functional and handles from both sides for easy transfer. The upper part is designed for nesting chickens, while the lower portion is served as a run to keep the chicken happy while roaming around looking for food. 


3. Functional Framed Chicken Coop with Tractor Plan

Functional Framed Chicken Coop with Tractor Plan

This frame is very functional since this coop comes with a tractor. This coop frame is innovative and can also be transferred from one place to another. This coop frame comes with a loft where the chicken can rest.

Also, the loft provides shades under it, providing the chicken with a comfortable spot to stay. This chicken house also comes with a ladder where the chicken can go up and down. The attic or the loft will serve as the nesting area of the chicken, while the lower portion can be a playpen where they can roam around. 


4. Steel Attic Framed Chicken Coop Plan

This coop is very easy to set up and has low maintenance. This chicken coop is durable and convenient since this is long-lasting. The standard type of coop is made from wood. However, this steel coop takes it to another level. This coop is made from durable steel with metal mesh.

This chicken coop comes with three roosting bars and two nesting boxes. This coop with a unique design is ideal for you if you want to keep small chicken numbers. This chicken coop is economical and convenient for you if you’re going to start a poultry business.


5. A-Frame Chicken Tractor Plan

A-Frame Chicken Tractor Plan

The A-frame chicken tractor will keep your chicken safe. This chicken tractor comes with an enclosed loft that keeps the chicken safe making it predator safe. This tractor has galvanized steel that protects the chicken from aerial predators.

The roosting area has a ramp operated by a pully which keeps the chicken safe at night. This timeless A-frame chicken coop has corrugated metal roofing that makes the roof rust free. The wooden chicken coop is treated with eco-stain that keeps it away from molding. The wheel structure is designed to make the coop movable so chickens can have a lot to forage. 


6. Chicken Coop Build Plan

The frame of this chicken coop is big and spacious. This chicken coop is durable and can cater to many numbers of chickens. This coop may take some work but rest assured the whole outcome is worth it.

You will need wood, plywood, wood tucker, nails, saw, and drillers. The structure of the coop comes with a nesting space at the bottom with windows for good ventilation. The sides of these coops come with mesh wires, including the door; this is for good airflow. However, the nesting area must be secured and is covered with thick plywood. 


7. Farmhouse Chicken Coop Plan

Farmhouse Chicken Coop Plan

This farmhouse chic chicken coop has a 6″ chicken run, four nesting boxes, and can cater to about 12 chickens. The first thing that you need to do is to build the foundation of the chicken coop. Next, you need to secure the frame walls of the chicken coop.

In installing the walls, you need to position it well to the frame and tuck it using 3″ nails—secure blocking between the studs and the roosting rails before installing. The next thing that you need to do is to sheat the walls. Use a two-inch nail into install the sheathing into the studs. 


8. DIY Backyard Chicken Palace Plan

This backyard chicken coop is very simple. This chicken coop comes with skylights, an automatic chicken door, an automatic feeder, and video surveillance. This coop has a chicken run attached. This coop is big enough that there is a small chicken coop inside it.

The materials used in this chicken coop are a clear plastic roof, steel mesh wire, and wood. It has a small peaking door to check and see the chicken inside the loft. It also has a bigger door used to enter the loft for cleaning. The chicken run has a separated mesh wire door. 


9. Simple 4 X 4 Chicken Coop Plan

Simple 4 X 4 Chicken Coop Plan

This simple chicken coop can cater to about eight laying hens, enough to provide an ample amount of eggs for your family. The coop was measured with the standard lumber measurements, making this project waste less and cost less.

This chicken coop comes with eight simple steps—the first one is creating the base of the chicken coop. Next, attach and secure the walls. Then, create three separate nesting boxes. After that, secure the roofing using corrugated roof panels. Then do the clean-out tray. After then you can do the final touches. For the last step, frame the chicken run and chicken run door. Get more DIY 4 x 4 chicken coop plans.


10. Biggest Walk-In Custom Chicken Coop With Storage Plan

The measurement is a 10” x 40” chicken house, which combines a 10″ x 10″ henhouse and a 30″ chicken run. The chicken coop is surrounded by 4″ x 8″ OSB sheets. The purpose of the OSB sheet is to keep the cage from getting muddy when it rains.

The roofing is unique and aesthetic. The entire coop is seated on a pressure-treated base made of four-by-six-treated lumber. This coop also comes with a carabiner for security against predators like raccoons. If you go inside the cage, the measurement of the roof and the ground is 8 feet, and all side walls and 6 feet tall. 


11. Shed Chicken Coop Plan

Shed Chicken Coop Plan

This shed chicken coop is beautiful and traditional. This coop is very cheap; you can save a lot! The foundation of this chicken coop is the wood palette. This chicken house is tall enough to enter if you want to clean the place or check the chicken. It has a functional window, and below it is a henhouse for nesting. 


12. Compact Chicken Coop Plan

This compact chicken coop is elevated from the ground to keep the chicken away from snakes and other predators. This coop comes with three nesting boxes and two roosting bars.

This coop has a removable panel at the back that can easily clean waste and litter. To start building the cage, you need to take measurements of the wood. Then make the base by laying four posts and stretchers. After then, you can now do the walls and so on. 


13. DIY Chicken Coop Plan

DIY Chicken Coop Plan

This chicken coop plan is very cute and aesthetic. Though this coop is small in size, this is very functional. This coop comes with a plant box, a chicken run, and a hen house. A small ramp connects the henhouse to the run—the run measures about 25 square feet. The nesting box has doors and built-in roosting bars. This coop is easy to clean out.


14. Ultimate Backyard Chicken Coop Plan

This chicken coop is simply aesthetic. The size of this chicken coop is good for ten chickens. The structure comes with easy access to getting eggs in the nesting box, and it’s easy to clean. The henhouse has double doors, which makes the henhouse easy to clean.

This coop is easy to make, especially for beginners. This coop is a structure that has a strong built that could last for years. This coop is designed to have angles, roosts, and dropping boards, allowing double doors and easy access to the cage.


15. Free Coop Plan

Free Coop Plan

This chicken coop has a great structure designed to give security to your chicken. The chicken wire surrounding the chicken run is buried 2” to keep predators from entering by digging up. There is aerial protection on the chicken run since it is covered with deer nets.

The windows of the coop were covered with a net wire that protects the chickens from uninvited guests. This coop also has winter heating pads. This coop plan is very innovative and provides good security to your chickens.


16. Modern Chicken Coop Plan

This outdoor chicken coop is designed to shelter six chickens. The measurement of the run is 5 x 12. The whole chicken coop has a roof for protection and to reduce the impact of snowy weather. This coop is tall enough to let you enter the coop when you want to feed or clean the entire area.

This coop comes with two roosts, and 12 x 12 nesting boxes with full-sized doors. The nesting boxes also have doors to give you easy access to getting fresh eggs. This coop also has storage compartments and a run to let the chicken roam around.


17. Easy Chicken Coop Plan

This chicken coop is complex to build, but the structure is durable and long-lasting. This chicken coop is elevated from the ground, which is good to keep away from predators. It has also been windowed for ventilation. There is a secure door and a ramp. There are also spaces for nesting areas.  


18. 8 X 24 Chicken Coop Plan

This chicken coop with run has a measurement of 8 feet wide and 24 feet long. The chicken coop can cater to about 20-25 chickens. On the backside, there are some double doors. The outer one is the solid door, and the inside is the hardware cloth.

When you open the solid door, it provides light and good ventilation to the chicken. The hardware cloth also prevents the predators from getting in. This coop also has nesting boxes. There is a chicken ladder inside instead of a ramp. This coop has metal roofing with braces for stability. 


19. Big Chicken Coop Plan

Big Chicken Coop Plan

This chicken coop plan is designed to cater to about 18 chickens. This chicken run provides good ventilation for the chicken since it is surrounded by hardware mesh. This chicken coop is built to have a hen house. It has a ramp that connects the henhouse to the run. There is also enough space below the henhouse where chickens can forage.


20. Standard American Coop Plan

This coop comes with a 4 x 6 hen house with a 5-foot height. The doors have removable back panels. The henhouse has 6-foot roosting bars. The good thing about the standard American coop is it has lots of ventilation because it has windows on each side.

The windows are solid polycarbonate. The whole run, including the door run, is covered with hardware cloth. This coop also has a chicken ramp connecting the hen house to the chicken run. The inside of the run is spacious, where you can hang your feeders and other stuff. 


21. Simple Chicken Coop Plan

Simple Chicken Coop Plan

If you want to have a small and simple chicken coop, this one is for you. Though small, this coop has a nesting place, and below it is a small run. The henhouse is well-ventilated; it has windows and covers with hardware mesh. Below has a small run covered with hardware mesh too. This chicken coop is ideal, mainly if you have limited space and budget.


22. Mobile Chicken Coop Plan

This Mobile Chicken Coop has a drop-down door at the back. Inside the drop-down door are nest boxes. There are also roosts inside made with hardware mesh so their droppings can go through down.

On the side of the hen house, there is a ramp that leads to the chicken run. The ramp is very innovative in that it can be closed at night. There is a mechanism outside the coop to close it by pulling the string with a lock. On the sides of the coop, there are two heavy-duty tractors. The tractors are made of a wheelchair and a lever.


23. Countryside Chicken Coop Plan

Countryside Chicken Coop Plan

This chicken coop is unique, and the windows are wide to have easy access when opening the coop. This coop is portable and can be moved from one place to another. This chicken coop is small but easy to maintain. 


24. Wichita Cabin Coop Plan

This chicken coop is designed to house about 5-6 chickens. This coop comes with three nesting boxes and two roosting bars. The chicken door can be closed from the inside or outside of the coop. Outside the henhouse, there is a ramp leading to the chicken run.

The chicken run is good enough to let the chicken enjoy foraging in the ground. The door is big enough for you to enter once you want to clean the whole coop. You don’t need to bend just to fit in. There is a lid above the nesting boxes that allow for egg gathering.


25. Ana White’s A-Frame Chicken Coop

Ana White’s A-Frame Chicken Coop

We have Ana White to thank for this amazing little A-frame Coop. She designed and developed it from scratch to an easily-executed plan, but I digress. The final construction should be big enough to accommodate 3-5 chickens.

It’s a cozy little coop with a chicken tractor design. Yes, you can drag this A-frame coop around your yard or paddock. Atop the A-frame is a sheltered room for the feathered rascals. It is well protected from the elements with slanting roofs and wooden walls.

The chickens can also enjoy a small run below. But you can always open one of the doors to let the chicken out for their daily free-ranging.


26. The Mobile Chicken Tractor

Having run out of space due to the ballooning of her chickens’ population, Alicia from WholeMade Homestead ventures out to make a chicken tractor. She goes with the A-frame plan, choosing to roof the entire thing with iron sheets. As for the walls on each end, she goes with chicken wire.

So the little darlings get enough air from the generous ventilation. They also get roosting bars because why not. And since the whole thing is mobile, they get fresh pasture every few days.


27. Jack Sander’s A-Frame Coop

Jack Sander’s A-Frame Coop

Jack Sander is an avid DIYer and music enthusiast, and he also tried his hand at making a simple chicken coop. In this example, he goes with an A-frame design that looks like a duplex. Your chickens get cozy accommodation at the top (with weather protection, of course) and a chicken run below.

This coop also has essential amenities like a ladder to help your chickies up. And all you need is some lumber, chicken wire, and time from one of your weekends. It is amazing what a few materials and some elbow grease can do.


The frames of chicken coops are significant before start building it. It would be best to thoroughly plan how rims look because the frames will structure your coop. You can follow various frames; it depends on your preference, location, budget, and likings.

frame chicken coop plans

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