10 DIY Chicken Diaper Ideas

Have you heard about chicken diapers and are on the hunt for the best one for your little critters? You do not need to look anymore, because today we will be presenting you with 10 DIY chicken diaper ideas!

diy chicken diaper ideas

Chicken diapers work like any other diaper. Chickens can indeed be potty trained. However, potty training chickens is a difficult feat even for some of the best chicken handlers out there. Because of this, some handlers opt for chicken diapers instead. Chicken diapers allow your chickens to roam and explore without leaving a trail of poo everywhere they set foot. This is especially important if you plan to keep them indoors for some time.

The chicken diaper exists for a variety of reasons. It is a good solution if you need a chicken to stay indoors, but want to keep your white carpets clean. On the other hand, it is also a great way to keep the mess to a minimum if you need to stop their little butts from littering for a few hours.

We have compiled all the chicken diaper DIYs we could find. Whatever you might need chicken diapers for, we believe you will find the one you need on this list.

1. The Standard Chicken Diaper

chicken diaper pattern

Let us start with the standard!

This diaper is simple and easy to make but is effective in containing chicken waste. Furthermore, it is a fun project to do if you have many fabric clippings lying around.  

Remember to use soft fabric for this one. Using anything else would make the sewing process harder. Furthermore, it might also make the diaper uncomfortable for your little critters. The worst that could happen is that it might hurt your chickens, and we do not want that!

If this is the first time you’re using chicken diapers, and you’re lost on where to begin, then this would be a great place to start. You can make a few ones and let your chickens try them out. If they like it, then hurrah! You do not need to worry if this will not suit your chickens’ tastes. We have nine more diapers you can let them try out.

Since the chicken diaper is a new thing you’re introducing to your little ones, do not be surprised if they dislike it at first. Slowly introduce them to the diaper, and that should help them accept the new clothing.


2. The Sock Diaper

If you own a few pairs of socks, chances are, you have lost one part of the pair at some point. We hope you have not thrown the other one yet because we have the perfect project for it. We would like to interest you in making your sock into a chicken diaper.

The sock diaper is one of the best options on this list if you do not like sewing. You would need a sock and some scissors for this one. While it might be uncomfortable for your chickens at first, it is unlikely this will hurt your little ones. We suggest you do not opt for thick socks as that might be more uncomfortable than necessary.

You can try different sock sizes for different chickens. You can use your kid’s old socks for your bantams, something a little larger for your average-sized ones, and of course, your big socks for your big birds.

The sock diaper is simple, easy to do, and cost-effective, especially if you have a few old ones you are ready to part!  


3. The Super Diaper

If you’re looking to spice up your chickens’ diapers, then the super diaper might be what you’re looking for. It is identical to the first diaper we discussed. However, this has an added feature – the cape.

You are free to treat the cape as a fashion statement for your little critters. However, it is not only for looks. The cape could also help if your chicken has a feather pecking problem. The super diaper would help decrease the issue as it would be harder for the little ones to pick their feathers while they are wearing this.

Make sure you’re using a soft but durable fabric! Chances are, they might still try to peck their feathers here and there, and if they are persistent, they might poke a hole in the cape. Worst, they might ingest some thread if you pick one of those fabrics that unravel easily.

You are getting two things in one with the super diaper. Add your creative touch to the cape, and you are getting three things in one! Have you seen a diaper as multifunctional as this one?  


4. The Disposable Diaper

Maybe you’re looking for something much simple than the last one. If you want to do away with skipping the crafting part, we hear you, and this next one might be just the thing. You will not even need a pair of scissors for this one! You only need a disposable mask, and you already have a chicken diaper ready to use.

The disposable diaper is a good option if you’re trying to gauge if your chickens will warm up to the idea of wearing a diaper. It is also a great choice if you need a chicken diaper fast. However, keep in mind that while the disposable diaper will work, there might be some slips here and there. It would be a good idea to replace the diaper often in that case.


5. The Slip-proof Diaper

how to make a chicken diaper

Speaking of slips, if a diaper is too loose, droppings would most likely be inevitable, especially if you have a flighty or rowdy bird. If want to minimize the mess as much as possible, this next one might be just the thing for you.

The slip-proof diaper is similar to the first one we discussed. The main difference is in the pouch. Adding some elastic to the sack gives it a little more security than the diapers that do not. Because of the elastics, it will fit snuggly to your little critter’s tushy.

However, an important thing to remember is to find the perfect tightness. It cannot be too loose, or droppings might escape. On the other hand, it cannot be too tight, as it might be uncomfortable for your chicken. Worst, it might even hurt them, and we do not want that.

Adding a few more layers might also help with minimizing the slips. As always, make sure there’s just the right number of layers. Too much, and it might become uncomfortable.


6. The Diaper Vest

If you are into sewing, then the diaper vest is a fun project to do.

It is identical to the other diapers we have discussed. However, this one would fit snuggly to your chicken like a vest. It makes it look like the little critters are wearing a uniform! You can create matching diapers for your chickens. On the other hand, you can make different variations for each of your birds to match their personalities.

A lovely idea is to add a few little trinkets on the back portion if you want to make it look more fashionable for the little ones. However, make sure it is not something hazardous or something that would make the diaper uncomfortable or hurtful for your chickens! While it would be delightful to see them in adorable clothing, their comfort should always come first!


7. The Chick Diaper

chicken diapers pattern

While we are already talking about chicken diapers, you might also want to make one for your chicks. On the other hand, this might be great for your girls that are on the smaller side.

Most of the time, it is your chicks or your smaller girls that get the privilege to go inside. If you usually have a little visitor, it would be a good idea to have a chicken diaper available at your disposal. Every once in a while, you might get a little critter that poops around the place like crazy or just an unfortunate chicken with an upset stomach; it’s good to be prepared for those days.

If you’re planning to make a diaper for the little chicks, make sure to take extra caution. They are more fragile as they are still babies, after all.  


8. The Disposable Diaper 2.0

Earlier, we showed you a diaper made of a disposable mask. As the name suggests, this is similar to that one. You do not need anything else for this one as well – yes, not even scissors. You only need a disposable mask, and you are ready to put a diaper on your chicken.

This one is a different way to turn the mask into a diaper. I actually prefer this one compared to the first method, especially for the larger girls. I think the first one would work for the smaller ladies, but the loops might snap for our big birds. However, both methods would work, and you only need to make sure you’re using some sturdy masks.

One thing you would need to consider si that since the mask is pressed to your chicken’s tooshie, your little critter’s back feather would most likely get dirty. It is a good idea that you clean them up once you take the diaper off.


9. The Lingerie Diaper

chicken diaper

Here is another innovative idea on this list! If you remember Charlie (yes, the chicken with the blue pants), then you might also recall the laughs the viral video brought to you. Well, the next one we have here might pull a few giggles out of you.

Let us introduce to you the lingerie diaper. As you might have already guessed, you will have to use underwear for this diaper. However, it is easy to do. It does not even involve any sewing!

As for the size, you might need to do several tests to determine what would be the best fit for your chicken. Of course, the bantams would most likely fit small, and your big girls might need a large.

Once done, your chickens would have some cute lingerie diapers covering their little tooshie. It will not only be efficient, but it would probably be a humorous and entertaining sight to see. Guests might even take a second look at your little ones!


10. The Fast and Easy Diaper

Here we are at our last chicken diaper. If you still have not found the one for you, then our last one might be just what you need. You just need a plastic bag that fits your chicken well. It is a good starter diaper or even an emergency one.

However, there are things you might want to consider.

First, since your chickens’ whole body would be confined along with their tooshie, there is a big possibility that their feathers would accumulate more dirt. You should clean them up when you remove the diaper that way they stay nice and clean.

Additionally, this also restricts their wings from moving. That could prove to be uncomfortable for the little one. Worst, it might injure them if they try to break free of the diaper.

However, if you only plan to keep this diaper on for a few minutes, it should not be a problem.

Chicken Diaper: FAQs

Chicken Diaper

Now I’m sure you have your questions about chicken diapers. Below are some of the internet’s most asked questions concerning chicken diapers:

1. Can You Put Baby Diapers on Chickens?

Yes, chickens can put on regular kids’ diapers. Well, how does that work? You see, a baby has a huge rear end as an allowance for the baby’s tooshie and its “load.” A chicken compensates for this with its tail feathers. In short, for a chicken to fit a human baby diaper, it needs to have a proper rump with fully developed tail feathers.

Rumpless chicken breeds like the Araucana cannot fit in a baby diaper; not necessarily fit, but the diaper will keep falling out because there’s no tail to hold it in place.

Can chicks wear baby diapers? Yeah, as long as their tail feathers have grown in. This should be around the fourth week and beyond.

2. Can You Make a Chicken Diaper From a Surgical Mask?

Yes. Surgical masks are cheap, disposable, and available thanks to the 2020 global event that is the COVID-19 Pandemic. So, how do you put the mask on the chicken? Well, first, you open up the mask. We want the body of the mask to cover the rear vents of our feathered little friend with the metal nose clip facing down.

As for the earloops, we’ll stretch them over the chicken’s head and rest them on the opposite shoulder of the chicken. What you want to see is those elastic earloops crisscrossing over the chicken’s back and breast.

Here’s Crystal Contreras again with a demonstration:


That is a wrap! 10 DIY chicken diaper ideas from which you can choose. We hope we were able to help you find the perfect chicken diaper for your little critters.

Chicken diapers are great additions to your chicken-raising tools. Some chicken poo should not stop you from being a happy chicken keeper, after all. It is not a bad idea to keep one or two tucked in somewhere just in case the time for you to pull it out arrives. You are one chicken mom (or dad) ready for anything!

The chicken diaper is ready to save your newly washed carpets and rugs, whether you’re looking to introduce a new chicken pet to the indoor world or you’re nursing a sick little critter. It will allow you to keep a clean home while allowing the chickens to roam and explore.

DIY Chicken Diaper

diy chicken diaper ideas

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