21 Free Pallet Chicken Coop Plans (Ventilated & Easy-fit)

Are you looking forward to making a new chicken coop, but you’re hesitant to use pallets? Well, here are 21 pallet chicken coop plans to convince you to use that stack of pallets in your garage.

Many crafts make use of pallets. It is not a surprising fact for many. After all, pallets are not only easy to find, but it is also budget-friendly. To top it off, it is also a strong material.

If you’re making a chicken coop, it is undoubtedly an option to consider.

Simple Coops

Our first set has some of the easiest coops to make. If you’re not looking for anything in particular, then one of these coops might satisfy your needs.

They’re also a great choice if you’re not used to these kinds of projects, but you want to try your hand at DIYs.

1. Standard Pallet Coop

If you’re new to the chicken community, then you might not yet be sure what you want in a chicken house. Our first suggestion is great for beginners.  

The standard coop is a great place to start because it will do what you need it to do. It will house your chickens and your eggs.

Additionally, it is cost-effective and easy to do.


2. Simple Pallet Coop

simple pallet coop

If you’re looking for something simple, then this next one might be as simple as a coop could get.

Don’t worry! The simple pallet coop will still be able to house your birds and their eggs.

One thing you might want to consider with this one is overcrowding. This one is only great for small flocks.


3. The Temporary Pallet Coop

If you need a coop fast, then maybe this next one will be able to help you.

As the name suggests, it is a temporary coop. It’s great if you have not yet decided where you want to place your chicken house. On the other hand, it is also great if you do not know how you want the chicken house to look yet. It will shelter your birds while you are still deciding on the specifics.


4. Average-sized Simple Pallet Coop

If you want to start with an average-sized flock, then the previous coops might not be a good choice. Chickens need space, and we can’t overcrowd them.

So, if you want to start with an average number, you might want to consider this chicken house. It’s still easy, but it offers more space than the first three coops we have talked about above.


Pop-up Coops

The next set of coops are called pop-up coops simply because their doors pop up.

This kind of coop door is great if you’re looking for a coop that is easy to clean.

Also, you don’t have to worry! They are still easy to make!


5. Single-Door Pallet Coop

The structure of the single-door pallet coop is great for two things.

First, as we have said, it will make cleaning easier for you.

Second, it is especially great for your chickens during the hot seasons. The door will be able to provide shade for your birds. Additionally, they will have a shelter with good ventilation when it gets hot since the chicken house will be kept open when the sun is up.  


6. Double-Door Pallet Coop

do it yourself step by step pallet chicken coop plans

The double-door chicken coop is not all that different from the single-door pallet coop.

Sometimes, some chickens like to go away from the group for some peace. The double door structure would allow you to keep one door down, a great way to give your chickens a quiet place.


Ventilated Coops

Earlier, we mentioned ventilation. If you’re in a hot area, then the usual coops might be too stuffy for your chickens.

This next set of chicken houses will allow for good ventilation inside them. We don’t want your chickens to overheat, after all!

7. The Pallet Coop and Tractor

chicken coop from pallets

This next chicken house comes with a tractor. You can skip making the tractor, but it is good to have if you plan on making this one.

This chicken coop and tractor will not work for everyone. However, it is good for small flocks that usually experience hot weather.

Note that if there are many predators in your area, you might have to make some adjustments with this one.


8. The Pallet Patch Coop

chicken coop out of pallets

On the other hand, if you have a big flock, the patch coop might be better.

It is made up of pallets, but it also makes use of wires and the likes. As you might expect, by making use of these materials, more air would be able to come into the coop.

Again, if there are many predators around your area, you might have to make some adjustments.

Easy-fit Coops

As you might have guessed, the next set of coops are easy to fit into places. These coops will not only be able to save you money by using pallets, but they will also be able to save you space with their built.

Coop walls are rarely flat on the outside. Usually, it’s because of the nesting boxes. Sometimes, there are just some miscellaneous parts that need to be poking out.

This thing is not a problem for many. However, this could be a bother for others. We understand, and these coops are for you.

9. The Panel Fort

pallet chicken coop

Nesting boxes in many coops almost always poke out. For many, it is not a problem. But it could be a little bothersome if you have limited space.

The panel fort is a coop that makes use of used drawers to help with this problem.

So, are you trying to save some space? Do you have some used drawers? You might want to consider this one.


10. The 4×8 Panel Fort

chicken coops out of pallets

If you have a large flock, then you might want to go for this one instead.

This one still has nesting boxes inside. However, like the chicken house we just talked about, it still does not eat space outside the coop. Additionally, you can still get the eggs outside.

You can say that this one allows you to maximize space outside and inside it.


11. The Big Panel Fort

chicken coops from pallets

This next chicken house has a similar shape to the first one in this category.

This one is a good option if you plan to add birds to your flock later on. Like the last two, this one still has nesting boxes inside, but it doesn’t eat up room outside the chicken house.

Additionally, it is also elevated. Great for providing shade for your birds in the morning. Also, an extra layer of protection during the night.

Coops with Runs

If you’re new to the poultry world, then you might not have a coop or a run yet. In that case, you might want to consider these next coops.

12. 2-in-1 Pallet Coop and Run

This chicken house is not for everyone, but it is an option to consider if it will work for your area.

As the name suggests, this structure is both a coop and a run. It’s good if you only have a small flock and you’re trying to save some space. Despite that, chickens should still be allowed to roam now and then. If you plan to use this chicken house, make sure you still let them out from time to time.


13. Mini Pallet Coop and Run

On the other hand, you might like to try this chicken house instead.

The mini chicken coop and run are similar to the previous chicken house. The building is only different. This one is closer to the chicken houses you would usually see. Weigh the pros and cons of using the two coops on your land. See what would work best.


14. Average-sized Pallet Coop and Run

chicken coops made out of pallets

The previous coops are great for bantams and younger birds. If you have birds that are a little bigger, this one might work best for your flock.

Again, it is similar to the previous coops. This one only offers a little more room.

Additionally, they may all be similar, but they all have a different built and look. In the end, it would all boil down to preference.


15. The Big Pallet Coop and Run

This one is for those with big flocks or those who plan on expanding their chicken family. Chickens could be addicting, after all.

It has a good-sized coop with a big run. Additionally, this chicken house is also elevated, which gives chickens more space to roam. Also, the space below the chicken house could be a shaded area for the chickens during the summer.


16. Chicken Palace and Run

Now, if you want to have a big chicken family on your land, then the chicken palace might be for you.

It has a big coop and a big run. At the same time, its shape also allows you to save some space. It’s great if you have a yard and you want to raise some chickens there.

Tall Coops

On the other hand, you might want a big coop, but you don’t have a lot of space to spare. In that case, we have the solution.

If you can’t expand your chicken house horizontally, then let’s enlarge it vertically!

17. Shed Coop

As the name suggests, the shed coop is similar to the structure of a shed. It gives your chickens room while not taking much of the space outside.

Additionally, because of its shape, it is easy to fit in corners or besides larger structures.

It’s also a great temporary coop because once you’re done using it, you can turn it into a shed or storage space!


18. The Chicken Tower

how to build a chicken coop out of pallets

This chicken house will not take up much space, but it will give your chickens room. Additionally, it will also allow for easy cleaning since you can enter this one. It would be a little bit cramped in there for humans, but it should be enough for the birds.

Plus, you get to wow visitors when they see your chicken tower!

Big Coops

Now, if you’re really serious about raising chickens and you’re planning to build an army of chickens, then the next coops might be for you. As you might have guessed already, these coops are big, so we hope you have a big land!

19. The Big Portable Coop

Do you move around often? Maybe you can’t commit to a permanent space yet? If that’s so, then this one is for you.

It is big enough to house an army, but it still gives you some mobility.

It’s great if the weather condition in your area changes to different extremes. This way, you can move your birds around. If it’s raining or snowing hard, then you can place them somewhere with less draft. On the other hand, if it is scorching, then you can place them somewhere cool.


20. Big but Simple Pallet Coop

On the other hand, if the weather doesn’t go to the extremes, then you might want to check this one out.

This chicken house might be big, but it is one of the easier ones to build. However, as we’ve said, it is a good option if the weather in your area doesn’t go to extremes.  


21. Sweetchickss Chicken Coop

pallet chicken coops plans

Lastly, we have the chicken mansion.

The chicken mansion is, of course, big! It’s great if you are really fond of chickens or if you plan to go into commercial poultry.

Still, even if this is a big coop, you should not be overcrowding the place!


That’s 21 pallet chicken coop plans!

Pallet coops are one of the best coops there are.

Pallets are easy to find and easy to use. Additionally, they are also budget-friendly.

Also, as you have seen, pallets are flexible. There are so many designs from which you can choose! But that’s not all there is to pallets. This material is also durable and able to withstand many things chicken handlers have to face.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to use that stack of pallets to build your dream chicken coop!

We hope we convinced you to give pallets a chance to have a place on your land!

Are you looking for something else? If so, we have also talked about other chicken coops before. If you want, then you can check out our previous discussions!

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