Top 9 Quietest Chicken Breeds

Are you in need of some quiet chickens? Well, we have you covered. Today, we will be showing you 9 quiet chicken breeds! While there is no such breed that won’t make any noise, we do know some chickens that will minimize the noise on your land.

Whether you are worried about a neighbor’s complaint, or you simply want to enjoy a cluck-free moment every once in a while, we have the chickens for you.

1. Australorps

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Who says you cannot have everything? Well, you can have almost everything you want in a chicken with the Australorp. This chicken is a common bird in the poultry world and is a pretty good breed to start with.

They are dual-purpose birds which means they could satisfy your chicken needs whether you are looking for some eggs or meat. Let us not forget to mention they are one of the best egg-layers around! The Australorp hens could give you around five eggs a week. Additionally, they are also a good sitter at that. They would make a good brood chicken when others do not want to take on the role.

As you can see, the Australorp is a beauty, and it would also make for a great ornamental bird if you are into show birds. Their plumage is this iridescent sheen that gives them a somewhat elegant and magical look.

Furthermore, these guys are little sweethearts. They are generally known to be shy and friendly, traits that also extend to the Australorp roosters. However, like most male chickens, Australorp roosters tend to be on the noisier side. You might want to keep that in mind.

So, you want a quiet chicken? The Australorp could be that and more! We believe you cannot go wrong with these little guys. Learn more about Australorp Chicken.


2. Wyandottes

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Here we have another familiar chicken. The Wyandotte has remained one of the top favorites of chicken handlers and keepers with the array of things it could offer.

The Wyandotte is a dual-purpose breed and is quite common. They are not hard to find if you want some productive birds in your flock. You can depend on them for both eggs and meat. They are not as yielding as the Australorps when it comes to eggs, but they are also a great egg layer. The Wyandotte can give you around four eggs a week.  Furthermore, the Wyandotte hen is known to get broody, so you can also depend on them to sit on some eggs.

If you are into poultry shows and contests, then you call also enter these birds. They have a beautiful pattern, and they have such a wide array of colors you can choose from.

They are also calm and friendly birds, which means they are typically not hard to handle. However, they are high in the pecking order. They could be dominant, so while they are known to be quiet chickens, that might not apply to the Wyandotte roosters.

If you are specifically looking for quiet hens, then the Wyandotte chicken is one of the best choices. 


3. Cochins

quietest chicken breeds

It is no secret that the Cochin is one of the crowd favorites. So, how did this chicken capture the hearts of the mass?

Well, it is not hard to fall in love with these little critters. Look at them! They are one of the fluffiest things you will ever see. They are adorable and beautiful birds, and they come in many different variants. If poultry shows are your thing, then they are your girls.

On the other hand, they are not the most productive birds around. They are not an ideal table bird, but you can expect a few eggs from them. Cochin hens could produce around 2 eggs a week which is not a lot, but they would happily help you if you need a surrogate mother.

Not the most high-yielding birds, but these beauties won’t give you much of a trouble as well. They are friendly little things, which manifests even in the males. So, if you are here looking for quiet roosters, then the Cochin rooster is a chicken you might want to consider.

The Cochins are perfect if you want to spend your afternoons peacefully watching some chickens. They are undoubtedly fun to watch, and they would let you enjoy the view without making much of a ruckus. Learn more about Cochin Chicken.


4. Dominiques

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Over here is the Dominique, a chicken that goes by many names. It is sometimes also quirkily referred to as the Dominicker. Sometimes, it is also called the Pilgrim Fowl, which has a more solemn ring to it. However, this breed does not only have many names. It also has many uses.

I prefer calling these guys Dominickers so I hope you don’t mind if I stick with that for this portion.

The Dominickers are a dual-purpose breed, which means you might want to consider them if you are looking for eggs and meat. The Dominicker hen is not the best egg layer around, but they could give you a decent number offering around three eggs a week. Furthermore, they have a low mortality rate, which is promising if you are after hatching and grow your own little Dominickers. They are known to get broody, which means they could also be your brood chickens.

They are known to be calm and friendly birds. However, this seems to be only applicable to the hens. So, even if this breed is known to be quiet, you might want to stay away from the roosters.

However, if you are only planning on filling your run with hens, then the Dominickers are a great breed to consider. Learn more about Dominiques.


5. Faverolles

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Unlike the previous chickens we have talked about, the Faverolles are a rarity. They are a French breed and an all-around bird.

If you want some productive birds, you ought to know that these guys are a dual-purpose breed. You can depend on them if you want some eggs or meat. Still not as excellent of a layer as our first bird, but they provide a good number of eggs. They could give you around four eggs a week, totaling around 200 eggs a year.

However, these birds are meant to be shown and exhibited. Poultry shows are their stage and where they stand out best. If you are into show birds, we highly recommend the Salmon Faverolles as they are such beautiful little critters. They look like elegant little French gentlemen if you ask me.

They are friendly and docile little guys. Furthermore, they are below the pecking order, so you could expect the roosters to be as gentle. They are quiet birds, but they are a little talkative. They will not make that much of a ruckus, but they will try to talk to you when they see you around the run.

If you do not mind having a little chat with your chickens once in a while, the Faverolles might tickle your fancy. Learn more about Faverolles.


6. Rhode Island Reds

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So far, we have been talking about sweet and friendly breeds. However, if you are in an area with predators looming and circling, you might want a somewhat more aggressive bird. We hear you. Our next bird might be for you.

The Rhode Island Reds are not exactly the most affectionate birds around and somewhat like keeping to themselves. For that matter, they are not the best choice if you are looking for a pet chicken. However, they are known to possess some fire, especially the Rhode Island Red rooster. So, while they are known to be quiet birds, they can somehow fend for themselves.

Of course, they would make some noise during an attack or any time they feel danger lurking. In that case, we think you would want the noise so that you could help fight off the enemy.

Furthermore, predators tend to go for the easy targets, those that they could grab and go. These birds are large, and their size might just be enough to discourage predators in their pursuit.

If you want a quiet chicken and are not particularly looking for a cuddly or huggable one, then the Rhode Island Reds might be for you. Learn more about Rhode Island Reds.


7. Javas

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Are you into chicken history? If so, this next one might interest you. We have the Java chicken, one of the oldest birds in the poultry world and is now considered a rarity.

The Java chickens are known to be dual-purpose birds. They are another chicken you might want to consider if you are looking for quiet, productive birds. They are average egg layers and would be able to give you around three eggs a week, totaling about 150 eggs a year. They may look small, but these birds weigh around 7 pounds. They definitely have some meat.

Furthermore, they are also known to be a calm and docile breed. The rooster also possesses some of these characteristics. However, they are also known to exhibit some of the usual dispositions of most male chickens. With that said, they could get noisy, and you might want to stay away from the Java roosters.

If you are interested in chicken history, the Java chicken would make a lovely addition to your flock. It will not only help in satisfying your need for eggs, but it would also be a good pet. On top of all that, the hens are darlings that do not make much of a ruckus. Learn more about Java Chicken.


8. Brahma

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Make way for the king! Unlike the king of the jungle, the king of the poultry world doesn’t roar and make much noise. You might already know this regal bird, but let us introduce to you the Brahma.

The Brahma is one of the largest chickens out there, but do not let their size fool you. These guys are a bunch of gentle giants, and you can even trust them around your kids.

This breed is known to be a dual-purpose breed. The Brahma could provide you with both eggs and meat. At one time, they were one of the best table birds. They might have lost their spot when industrial birds came into the picture, but they could still give you fine meat. Furthermore, they could also give you a decent number of eggs, giving you around three eggs a week. Additionally, they give you eggs throughout the winter season, a time when the other ladies are already settling down.

Brahmas come in all different types and colors. If you are interested in poultry shows, you can take your pick and enter your chosen Brahma in contests and competitions.

If you are looking for an all-around breed, then the Brahma could be what you are looking for. Learn more about Brahmas.


9. Orpingtons

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And here we are on our last chicken! Of course, we cannot forget about the Orpington. If you ask chicken handlers for their own list of quiet chickens, they would most probably mention these guys.

The Orpingtons are a common breed and can be found on many keepers’ runs, being one of the crowd favorites. It is not hard to like these birds, as they are easy to care for and can even be handled by those that are just starting.

They are a dual-purpose breed and could be depended on whether it is meat or eggs you are looking for. They are not a prolific egg-layer, but they give a fair number of eggs, offering three eggs each week. Furthermore, they are known to get broody, so they could help you if you need a surrogate mother for some of your other eggs.

Orpingtons also do not lack when it comes to appearance. They are a beautiful breed with such lovely plumages. Furthermore, they come in all types and colors. They make for a fine ornamental bird, if ever you want to turn them into a show bird.

Whatever you are looking for in a chicken, the Orpington would most likely be able to deliver. If it is peace and quiet that you want, then they could give you that too. They are undoubtedly chickens any handler should consider. Learn more about Orpington.


There you have it, 9 quiet chicken breeds!

If you want to increase your chances of landing on a quiet chicken, then you might want to keep to hens and stay away from roosters. Furthermore, you might want to go for the bantam version.

It is important to note that chickens still have their own personalities. What we have discussed is the general or average observations regarding these birds. It is quite possible to still get a noisy chicken from these breeds. On the other hand, it is also possible to get a quiet bird from the generally known noisy breeds.

Quietest Chicken Breeds

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