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Chicken farming is not the first word that comes to people’s minds when they think about hobbies. More popular activities in rural areas are gardening and growing plants in your vegetable gardens. They are even considered useful as you eat organic food and don’t harm the environment.

Yet, chicken farming is on the rise as a hobby not only among professional farmers but also among ordinary people who live in private houses in their own yards. From the first point of view, you may think that the benefit of this hobby is only eating nutritious organic eggs instead of buying ones. But this hobby can bring you much more advantages:

  • Natural pest control;
  • Having a great time outdoors, daily physical activity;
  • Natural compost and fertilizer;
  • Supporting sustainable life;
  • Relatively low cost;

Raising chickens at home means spending a great time. But beginner farmers may need extra help in raising chickens. To learn more about how to purchase them, how to set up your own farm, and how to take care of your chickens properly. You can find many helpful videos about chicken farming on YouTube. We prepared a list of YouTube channels that will provide great assistance for your hobby.

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Welcome to Chickenlandia

Welcome to Chickenlandia

Welcome to Chickenlandia is a channel of a chicken farm owner Dalhia. Jokingly, she calls herself the President of Chickenlandia, her own chicken farm. She is a professional backyard chicken educator and her goal is to help people get started with keeping chickens and have a great backyard chicken keeping experience. On her channel, you can find videos that help you deal with the common challenges of chicken keeping – from health problems and proper feeding to establishing good contact between the owner and the pet chickens.

Most videos are focused on troubleshooting common problems of chicken keepers like their nutrition, sleep, and living conditions. The thing we’ve noticed about this channel is that she doesn’t only give tips on raising chickens, she helps her viewers better understand their instincts, and habits. She emphasizes that these tips will be helpful and ease your life for a long time.

The videos are fun and Dahlia is a very positive person who really loves what she is doing and she loves and cares about her chickens so much. This is a great channel you should check out.

Becky’s Homestead

Becky’s Homestead

Becky’s Homestead is more of a lifestyle channel with over half a million subscribers. This is only partially dedicated to having a chicken farm. You can also find their videos about having your own homestead and a rural lifestyle. Typically, the videos are up to 15 minutes long. Becky also has recordings of live streams on the most popular topics about raising hens. She also has Q&A sessions on her channel so you should definitely subscribe and turn on notifications about new videos.

The atmosphere of this channel is very cozy and homey. Becky is a very nice person and she is an expert in what she does. She shares her tips and tricks that are actually very helpful. She answers the most popular question: Are chickens easy to care of?

Here you can find pieces of advice on anything, from choosing chicken to creating a comfortable place for them in your backyard. This channel is very inspiring and full of positivity from Becky.

Lisa Steele l Fresh Eggs Daily

Lisa Steele l Fresh Eggs Daily

Fresh and nutritious eggs are the most popular reason for having pet chickens in your backyard. They are organic so you know you eat healthier food, but if you wonder what to cook with eggs except for omelets, this channel is a great place for you. This channel is a combination of videos about her chicken farm and videos with recipes.

The videos are made by Lisa Steele – a fifth-generation chicken keeper. Lisa is a blogger and has her own TV show “Welcome to my farm” distributed on US television. She even has written her own recipe book with 320 pages of yummy recipes cooked with eggs. Lisa is a very nice woman who enjoys her calm rural life on her own farm. She is a very nice person so watching her videos will be a pleasure for all chicken farm lovers.



This channel is not dedicated to raising chicken, this topic is only a part of the content. The MorningChores channel is about rural lifestyles. Here you can also find gardening tips and pieces of advice on organizing your life. This channel will be useful if you plan to start living in a country house with a backyard and want to know more about this way of living.

These videos show that you shouldn’t be afraid of this routine and if organized properly, it will become much easier. Nicole is a very cheerful person and she knows a lot bout growing different types of plants, raising chickens, and life outside the city.

We highly recommend all these channels for watching if you plan to get pet chickens for your hobby. We wish you good luck and much pleasure while taking care of your pets.

Here are some more channels you might like:

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