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If you have had chickens for years or are just beginning your chicken journey, Chicken Scratch The Foundry is the destination.

We are an international team of backyard chicken lovers, our writing team includes chicken keepers, poultry farmers, practicing veterinarians and vet technicians.

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Meet Joseph and Florence Hudson: Our Story

At Chicken Scratch The Foundry, we are devoted to solving the everyday issues that chicken farmers face. From upholding optimal health and hygiene for your flock to gaining deeper learning of poultry ownership-we are here to provide help and advice for anyone seeking answers!

Our wife-husband duo is here to help not just our locality but all those seeking tips about chickens and poultry. We offer more than simply advice on caring for them. We also supply scientific information that will enhance the lives of your birds.

With the belief that knowledge is power, join us on this journey as we work together to revolutionize chicken farming. For superior care for your poultry, you need aid from experts – so let us tell you why we are the best people for the job!

Joseph Hudson, an Experienced Farmer

Joseph Hudson Joseph’s expertise in poultry farming has grown over the past 25 years, evident by his dedication to providing only top-notch quality care for his birds. His devotion to their health goes beyond what is required; he regularly invests time into research to further bettering living essentials through reliable resources.

From feeding them right to creating safe conditions – Joseph’s love of chickens shines through every aspect of his work!

Joseph is the perfect source for helping you select breeds. It’s in addition to providing advice on how to feed and raise the flock properly.

He merges his expertise in traditional farming techniques with modern practices to guarantee only top-notch breeds. With Joseph leading your way, rest assured that you can achieve the best possible outcome!

If you’re searching for a true expert in raising chickens, Joseph and Florence are a perfect choice.

Florence Huntington Hudson, a Dedicated Vet

Florence Huntington Hudson,

Florence is an energetic and devoted veterinarian who is deeply committed to ensuring that animals lead their fittest and most joyful lives. With years of expertise in the vet community, she knows how to make sure your beloved chickens receive superior care.

Florence’s passion for caring for animals extends beyond just dogs and cats. Inspired by her husband, she also enjoys fostering chickens.

Mrs. Hudson is passionate about her job and always puts the well-being of animals first in all that she does.

Florence is dedicated to informing you about the various diseases and treatments that may plague your flock. She also provides a broad insight into the different methods of keeping them healthy. Her top priority is assisting you in how best to nurture safe living conditions for your flock.

Why Make Chicken Scratch The Foundry?

The path to starting a successful chicken and poultry production business is not for the faint of heart. You must display an in-depth understanding of the animal, as well as how to properly raise your flock if you hope to be successful.

With our superior credentials and guidance, we strive to help any up-and-coming farmers succeed. When it comes to your flock, you can rely on us due to our years of reliable knowledge in this field!

At Chicken Scratch The Foundry, we can ensure that your chickens will be content and thriving with our tandem of experts leading the way. From the right chicken breed to the perfect coop layout – we have all you need for a successful poultry experience!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help farming and chicken cultivation to be a lot easier for everyone. We are dedicated to providing everyone with thorough guides about chickens.

Whether you need info on chicken breeds, diseases and their causes, symptoms, treatment, or prevention strategies – our resources have it all!

With Chicken Scratch The Foundry as your trusty partner, you can be confident that you are creating the best possible home for your flock. We also provide lists of the closest hatcheries to you and how to design an optimal coop so your chickens can thrive!

Our Commitment to Quality

We are earnest in supporting novice farmers and eager to help them build their flocks using only the best practices and techniques. We dedicate ourselves to excellence so all new farmers can achieve the highest criteria for their chickens and ensure a thriving flock!

Our Commitment to the Community

As adept experts, we understand it would be impossible to support each and every person who requires help regarding poultry care. For this reason, we came up with the platform Chicken Scratch The Foundry.

Here, our team can share their knowledge with everyone around the world. Our vision is clear: leverage wisdom and resources accessible to us so that farmers in any area can access excellent tips on tending for their flocks.

Here at Chicken Scratch The Foundry we are set to provide our readers with the best guides. Join us now on this journey as we work together towards revolutionizing chicken farming!


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