chicken diseases

4 Common Chicken Diseases : Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

As a chicken enthusiast, small backyard farmer or commercial poultry franchise owner, one of your top priorities is keeping your birds happy and healthy. You may very well be versed in some of the common diseases and conditions that affect chickens and be able to treat those yourself. But what do you do when a … Read more

free range chicken

What Is Free-Range Chicken?

Whenever we walk into a grocery store, we are bombarded with so many labels that it is a surprise that our heads don’t start spinning on the spot. To make matters worse, several new terms pop-up each year, giving us more choices but making the process of cooking dinner more confusing than ever before. Today, … Read more

egg bound chicken

Egg Bound Chicken: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Having an egg bound chicken can quickly turn into a serious issue that threatens the life of one of your prized hens. Fortunately, with proper care and intervention, an egg bound chicken can continue on with a healthy, productive life consisting of plenty of egg-laying. Spotting the symptoms of an egg bound chicken is much … Read more

how to keep chickens warm in winter

10 Ways to Keep Your Chickens Warm in Winter

Much of what you read on the internet will tell you that most chickens will survive just fine in colder weather. While that may be true in some winter environments, people who raise chickens in brutally cold winter regions need to take certain precautions to keep chickens warm in winter. Keeping your chickens warm during … Read more

chicken feed

All The Different Types of Chicken Feed – Beginner’s Guide

The type of chicken feed you use can impact things like growth rate, egg laying, health, and appearance. You should carefully consider the age of your birds and what their purpose is when choosing the right feed. Here, we’ll take a look at 10 different kinds of chicken feed and when they should be used. … Read more

chickens losing feathers

Chickens Losing Feathers: What Causes & How Cure?

Walking up to your chicken coop and seeing a mountain of loose feathers can be a terrifying sight. Fortunately, losing feathers is not always a bad thing. There are many reasons why chickens can lose their feathers and equally as many ways to prevent them. Outlined below are several common reasons why your chickens can … Read more


Bumblefoot in Chickens: What Causes & How to Treat?

Bumblefoot also referred to as foot bubble or ulcerative pododermatitis (the scientific name) is a very serious condition for chickens. It’s a dangerous bacterial infection that becomes inflamed and noticeable when hard round lumps form on one or both of a chicken’s feet. Bumblefoot has the ability to move beyond the surface of the feet … Read more

raising quail

10 Tips on Raising Quail – Beginner’s Guide

Raising quail for meat and eggs is becoming increasingly popular. The following tips are specific to raising quail of the domesticated  Coturnix quail species, but most of the tips can be adapted to raising quail of other species. Why raise quail? Unlike chickens, which require a considerable amount of space to keep, two dozen quail … Read more

how to sex chickens

How to Sex Chickens: 6 Ways to Determine Hen Or Rooster

If you’re in the chicken business in any capacity, you likely know how important it is to correctly sex a chicken. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying, selling or simply looking to sort new chicks into your flock, being able to accurately sex a chicken while it’s still small is a very important skill to … Read more

raising Chickens

18 Tips on Raising Backyard Chickens – Beginner’s Guide

If the idea of raising chickens in the backyard has ever piqued your interest, you will find yourself with plenty of company. This fun hobby provides healthier eggs and meat that taste better than supermarkets provide. These tips will help you with the enjoyable, worthwhile pastime of raising chickens yourself. Know the Pros of Chicken … Read more