What Do Chickens Eat in the Wild?

Chickens are omnivores, meaning they eat everything they can get their beaks on. Their diet includes everything from commercial feed to insects, vegetables, and human food. On the other hand, wild chickens are not all cared for by humans. What exactly are these wild chickens? Why are they known as wild chickens? What kind of food do wild chickens eat? This post provides answers to these questions.

What Do Chickens Eat in the Wild

What do chickens naturally eat?

Chickens eat an impressive range of things. Most of the time, chickens eat commercial feed, seeds, people’s food, insects, and even young animals like mice. During the warmer months, when chickens are free to roam and look for food, a large part of their food may come from foraging.

To stay healthy, chickens need feed like fruits, vegetables, and grains that are full of nutrients. Leafy greens, cooked beans, corn, cereals, grains without added sugar, berries, apples, and most other fruits and vegetables are good for chickens.

What are wild chickens?

what do chickens eat naturally

Most chickens live in people’s homes or farms, but there are some chickens that are still undomesticated and foraging in the wild. These chickens are called “wild” because they live on their own outside without any help from people. These birds can only stay alive by using their senses and instincts to hunt. They are not taken care of by humans so they look for food on their own.

Wild chickens are not the same as the chickens we have raised in our homes. Wild chickens are also called junglefowl. They have never been tamed or cared for by humans, so they are truly wild. Domestic chickens have also gotten out of their cages and are now living in groups. These chickens are called feral chickens. They will sleep in bushes or low tree branches to avoid getting eaten.

Where do wild chickens live?

Chickens are native to Southeast Asia, but over the years they have been controlled and spread all over the world to become one of the most valued domesticated animals. To find genuinely wild chickens, you will have to go to the forests of southern Asia. You can see wild chickens in the US in Hawaii, California, and Louisiana.

Over the years, chickens have been tamed and have become one of the most highly prized domesticated animals. You will need to travel to the forests of southern Asia to find natural wild chickens. Wild chickens are located in Hawaii, California, and Louisiana in the United States.

Wild chickens prefer to make their homes in tropical rainforests, bamboo forests, shrubby regions, forest borders, and tall grass. Depending on where their food supplies are, they migrate across habitats. They can survive on their own if they have shelter, food, and a water supply.

What Chicken breeds are considered wild?

what do wild chickens eat

Most biologists believe Southeast Asia’s Red Junglefowl is the original wild chicken. They are uninterested in making human companions and want to stay free in their life in the forest.

These birds were actually designed to be free-living. They are adept at evading predators and, for that matter, your affections in their natural environment. They are also adept at avoiding your attachments.

The Red Jungle Fowl excels as a forager and hunts expertly for a wide variety of proteins, seeds, berries, and other tasty flora. This breed is regarded as extraordinarily timid and has no desire for human connection. Their reluctance to approach makes them even stronger at guarding themselves.

How wild chickens search for food

Since wild chickens live on their own in the woods, they mostly eat what they find. They spend most of their time using their beaks and feet to graze on grass, weeds, and seeds. They scratch the forest floor hard as they look for food.

Chickens are omnivores, which means that they will consume almost any food that they can get their beaks on. This includes everything from plants to insects to small rodents and lizards. Chickens in the wild that coexist with people have the ability to consume food that humans have thrown away.

What do chickens in the wild eat?

what do chickens naturally eat

Chickens in the wild will eat just about anything they can find. Their food includes everything they can find edible that ranging from plant leaves, green leafy vegetables, and fruits. Wild chickens are also small animals like lizards, mice, and bugs.

Worms and other bugs

Wild chickens find food anywhere they go. They dug in the soil using their feet and beaks to find worms. When you see a chicken kicking and scratching its feet on the ground, they are actually in the process of searching for what to eat.

The truth is that they are using their beaks to find food. In the wilderness, the ground is teeming with worms and other organisms that chickens enjoy because they are juicy and tasty. Insects are rich in protein and other essential minerals for the production of nutritious eggs.

Wild chickens eat insects and other animals that don’t have backbones, such as winged ants and termites, crickets, spiders, ticks, flies, and grasshoppers. These bugs are protein-rich and have lots of fats that chickens need. Wild chickens will also pick their beaks on small branches in search of tasty things to eat, such as worms, caterpillars, and beetles.


Wild chickens eat many different plants, such as fruits, berries, young leaves, seeds, and other plants that grow in their area.

They also enjoyed eating easily accessible wild berries and fruits. Chickens in the wild also consume young plant leaves. If they are fortunate enough to encounter a short berry shrub, the chickens will harvest all the fruit in them.

Left-over Human Food

Wild chickens still exist today and try to stay alive in any way they can, so you shouldn’t be surprised if they eat all the trash you throw away. This is what wild chickens have to do to stay alive, but you should be more responsible with your chickens, especially if you’re going to eat the meat or eggs at some point.

There are many things humans like to eat that are also good for our chickens. Some of the best examples are cooked rice or pasta and bits of whole-grain bread.

What do chicks eat in the wild?

What do chicks eat in the wild

What you feed a newborn chick will significantly impact its health and development. Young chicks would follow their mother in the wild. When they hatch, they’ll consume anything the hen gives them. Insects, worms, and leafy greens all fall under this category. They can hunt for larger prey, such as frogs and mice, as they mature and gain strength.

How do wild chickens get water?

Even birds that eat primarily seeds as adults feed their young insects with water. The red jungle fowl of Asia and other wild chickens get water from creeks and puddles.

Wild chickens can also get water from the dew that falls on plants and from the insects they eat. To drink water, chickens really did need the help of gravity. As you can see, chickens put their beaks in the water, tilt their heads back, and let the water run down their throats.

How do wild chickens survive in the winter?

Chickens can withstand extreme cold thanks to their tough adaptations. The birds’ feathers are naturally warm and may make themselves warmer by fluffing them. Wild chickens are omnivores and natural foragers, so they eat just about anything, including insects, small reptiles, smaller birds, and rodents, especially in the winter.

What food do chickens need to avoid?

what do chickens like to eat

Wild chickens look for food and eat whatever they find. There are some foods they should not eat because they are poisonous and can make them sick or even kill them. The first thing would be the pits and skins of avocados. Avocados contain a poison called persin, which is bad for chickens.

Raw green tomatoes are also dangerous because they contain solanine and chaconine toxins. Chickens shouldn’t eat food scraps high in fat or salt, smell bad, or have gone bad. Chickens shouldn’t eat chocolate, onions, garlic, citrus fruits, uncooked rice, or beans.

What do wild turkeys eat?

Turkeys are often served at dinner, especially at holiday meals. But what did wild turkeys eat before they were the center of attention at Thanksgiving?

A turkey’s diet varies by season. During the summer and early spring, wild turkeys eat plants and bugs. And nuts and fruits are usually easier for wild turkeys to find in the fall and winter.

Like chickens, wild turkeys are omnivores, which means they eat plants and animals. Wild turkeys and chickens eat almost the same things. They usually eat nuts, snails, worms, seeds and grains, fruits, small reptiles, insects, and plants.


Nowadays, practically all chickens have been tamed and are fed. The few remaining wild chickens consume almost anything they can find in the woods. Insects, plants, small animals, and leftover human food make up their diet.

Wild chickens stay hydrated by drinking water from ponds, streams, and creeks, as well as dew off plants and insects they consume. They eat practically everything, but that doesn’t mean it benefits them. Wild chickens, like domestic chickens, must avoid certain foods to stay healthy and live longer.

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