29 Chicken Nesting Boxes Plans You Can DIY This Weekend

Today, we will be presenting you with 29 chicken nesting box plans!

chicken nesting boxes plans

Your hens don’t need nesting boxes to lay their eggs. However, that means they would lay their eggs wherever they could. Egg collecting will then be a very stressful game of treasure hunt. Furthermore, you or your chickens could accidentally crack the eggs, increasing the unborn chicks’ mortality rate.

A good, sturdy nesting box is a must for every happy and productive coop. However, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have one yet because we’ll be helping you with that today. So, let’s go and find the perfect nesting box for your coop!

1. Nesting Room

Let’s start with what I like to call the nesting room. It’s one of the best choices out there if you already have a coop. Instead of making a separate structure, you can make an extension on one side of your coop. This upgrade would effectively make your nesting boxes into a nesting room.

This modification to the coop will introduce a new opening. Make sure you take that into account and install a sturdy lock if you have predator problems.


2. The Triplex

nest boxes plans

If you don’t want to do any renovation on your coop, this next one might suit your taste.

The triplex has three compartments or nesting boxes, which may be enough to support a smaller flock. It’s simple but can be trusted to do its job well. It’s a pretty good go-to nesting box if you’re not quite sure what you want yet. However, it’s too early to give up! We still have 23 more nesting boxes for you to check out!


3. The Quadruplex

You might be hesitant with the triplex if you have a larger number of hens. Well, we believe more is better than less. So, if you’re not yet sure about the numbers, maybe the quadruplex is what you’re looking for. It’s still simple and very doable. However, as the name suggests, it has four compartments compared to the triplex’s three partitions.


4. The 2-Story Nesting Shelf 

nest box plan

The triplex and the quadruplex will not be enough if you have a big flock on your hands. In that case, you might like this 2-story nest. It offers you more room without taking up so much space horizontally. Just make sure there is a way for your chickens to get to the top bunker if they wish to lay their eggs up there.


5. The 3-Story Nesting Shelf

If you still need more rooms, then don’t worry. We have just the thing.

This one is similar to the previous plan. However, it offers an extra level to house more hens. It is ideal if you have a big flock and you’re looking to start your own poultry business. Hopefully, with this one, you’ll never need more nesting boxes!


6. Nesting Bowls

nesting box plan

Okay, maybe woodwork projects are not your thing. You don’t need to worry! We have several nesting boxes here that don’t require you to saw any wood.

The nesting bowl allows you to have as many nesting spots as you need without much trouble. It is also cost-efficient and easy to do. Additionally, it’s also a great way to add color to your coop! It seems you wouldn’t have anything to lose with the nesting bowls.


7. Cheap and Easy Nesting Containers

If your chickens are on the larger side, then plastic bowls may not work. In that case, the nesting containers might be what you need. It’s still easy to do, and if you know where to look, you could also get some plastic containers that cost the same as the plastic bowls.


8. The Kitty Litter Nest

building chicken nesting boxes

If you have some cats, then you probably have some kitty litter buckets somewhere. Well, it’s time to gather those buckets and put them to good use!

The kitty litter nest is one of the most cost-efficient nesting boxes on this list. Furthermore, it is also a fun recycling project. It is an inexpensive choice, but you don’t need to worry. It would most probably do the job just as well.


9. Five-gallon Bucket Nest

Do you remember our 5-gallon bucket feeders? Well, if you have some of those buckets left, then you can also make a 5-gallon bucket nest for your hens!

A 5-gallon bucket nest is a good option as it’s easy to do but also durable. Additionally, it will also be easy to clean. It’s also a quick way to create a nesting spot for your chickens or just to find a good use for your 5-gallon buckets.


10. Five-gallon Bucket Nest 2.0

building chicken nest boxes

As the name suggests, this is similar to the previous idea. However, this one allows you to easily collect the eggs.

This nesting box is the perfect choice if you frequently crave eggs in the morning. This one allows you to get those fresh eggs without having to go in the coop! It’s hard tiptoeing around chicken poo when you still haven’t gotten your coffee yet, after all.


11. Mounted 5-gallon Bucket Nest

Here’s another nest using 5-gallon buckets. Since most buckets are circular, there is a chance that they would roll away if there’s nothing to stop it. Of course, as you can imagine, a rolling nesting spot won’t be inviting any hens! In that case, you might want to mount it on a wall where it will be secured in place.


12. Barrel Nest

chicken nesting boxes

This next nesting box is undoubtedly one of the most adorable options on the list. The barrel nest can double as a nesting box and a charming display. However, it is not only about looks. The barrel nest is also sturdy and can be a trustworthy nesting box. Just imagine your hens while they are laying their egg in there! It’s a delightful image, don’t you agree?


13. Mounted Nest

The mounted nest is a good idea if you plan on putting the nesting box outside of the coop or somewhere where predators might be surrounding the area. It’s also a great choice if you’re trying to conserve space. However, make sure the hens can still reach the nesting box!

The downside of the mounted nest is that the eggs could accidentally roll out, and since it’s in a high place, you could most probably expect the egg to crack.


14. Mounted Nest 2.0

nesting boxes plans

As the name would suggest, this one is similar to the previous idea.

The frame of this nesting box is mounted to the wall. However, it is not placed as high as the previous nest. Furthermore, this also offers an alternative way to conserve space. If you need some space, you can lower the nesting box and opt for creating a cabinet above it.


15. Mounted Roll-away Nest

Let us say you would like to have a mounted nesting box. However, you’re worried about the eggs accidentally falling and cracking. In that case, the mounted roll-away nest might be the perfect one for you.

You can place this one as high as you’d like, given that your chickens could reach it. However, you wouldn’t have to worry about eggs falling and cracking with the added roll-away feature.


16. The Nesting Cabinet 

build nest boxes

Do you have an old china cabinet? Well, let us interest you in making it into a nesting box. It’s a great way to recycle and give your chickens a cozy place to lay their eggs!

With the structure of most china cabinets – or cabinets in general – you won’t have to do much work anymore. Put in the necessities, and it’s probably ready to use.


17. The Nesting Shelf

On the other hand, you might have an old shelf just lying around or ready for disposal. Why don’t we make that into a nesting box?

As you’ve seen earlier, many of the nesting boxes look identical to different kinds of shelves. So, if you have one that you’re ready to let go of, then it could be a premade frame for your nesting box! You only need to make a few adjustments here and there, and you have yourself a nesting shelf!


18. Single Compartment Nesting Box

build chicken nest box

On the other hand, you might only have a few hens, and you only want something simple. If that’s the case, the single compartment nesting box might be the perfect one for you! It’s simple, pretty easy to craft, and you can even use an old pallet for it.


19. The Tote Nest

Totes are one of the easiest materials to acquire, so if you have a spare tote or you’re looking to start making your nesting box soon, then you might like this one.

With its structure, it could give your hens the privacy they need if they want to! Furthermore, its form also allows you to easily collect the eggs.  


20. Tote Roll-away

chicken nesting box plans

If you want to use a tote for your chicken nest, but the last one isn’t your cup of tea, then the tote roll-away might be what you’re looking for. Furthermore, since it is a roll-away, it gives your eggs an extra measure of protection from falling from a high place or being stepped on.


21. Inverted Tote Nest

Here’s another way to make a tote into a nesting box. If you are certain you want to use a tote, but you’re not yet sure which style you would prefer, then you might want to try out both and let your chickens decide. Either way, the different designs are all very doable and durable.


22. Tire Nest

chicken nesting box

Do you have some old tires? Well, don’t let it go to waste! With a few adjustments here and there, your chickens would most probably love to use it. Depending on where you would place your tire nest, it could be a cozy little place for your hens to start laying some eggs.

Furthermore, if your old tires have been placed near their coop for some time, you won’t have much trouble introducing the new nesting box to them. Don’t forget to make it look inviting so they’d know it’s the new nesting nook!


23. Easy-clean Nest

If you have many hens that lay eggs often, then the easy-clean nest might be what you are looking for. It offers you a lot of nesting boxes, but at the same time, it will not give you a difficult time when it is time to clean up your ladies.


24. The Milk Crate Nest

nesting box

If you have a milk crate you’re not using for anything, why don’t we turn that into a simple but trusty nesting box. It’s a good choice if you and your chickens are not especially picky. It just needs a few adjustments, and it’s usable as any other nesting box.


25. The Milk Crate Nesting Nook

If you have a few hens in your flock and you have a few more milk crates, then you might want to upgrade that milk crate nest into a full-on nesting nook.

However, since the milk crate has many crevices. It won’t be that easy to clean when it’s time to tidy up, so you might want to keep that in mind.  


26. DIY Nesting Boxes For Chicken Coops

DIY Nesting Boxes For Chicken Coops

If you fancy a little DIY carpentry, I have just the project for you. The Inspired Workshop lays down the blueprint for their external nesting box. The article is quite detailed, quoting measurements down to the inch. This is one nesting box that you can attach behind an already existing coop and revolutionize how you pick your breakfast. Inspirational work, indeed.


27. Plywood Nesting Boxes

Countless are the things that you can fashion from plywood. As Ricardo of the Bock Bock Bouquet YouTube channel shows us, you can also make an awesome set of nesting boxes from plywood. All you need is a 4×8 plank of plywood, some screws, and a screwdriver.

And you don’t have to cut the plan yourself. The people at Lowe’s will be happy to cut it for you. The end result is a compact nesting box that you can either mount on the wall or stack on top of each other.


28. wikiHow’s Nesting Box

wikiHow's Nesting Box

Not to be left out of a good DIY project, wikiHow throws its hat in the ring. Their attempt is a single wooden box that should serve a crew of 2-4 hens. In true WikiHow fashion, their approach is systematic, and their instructions are detailed. But you’ll need some technical skills to pull this one off.


29. DIY Nest Box Installation

If you would like to add an external nest box to an already existing coop, boy (or girl), will you love this? In the video below, Jerome demonstrates exactly how to do this. Spoiler alert, there’s a lot of measuring, sawing, and hammering. If none of these activities scare you, you really need to see what Jerome has been up to.

The final product is beautiful beyond words. It gives you access to your eggs without stepping foot in the coop.


There you have it, 29 chicken nesting boxes plans!

Chicken nesting boxes are undeniably necessary to have for a happy chicken-raising journey. It will prove to be a must whether you just want eggs for your breakfast or you’re looking into entering the poultry business. It makes egg collecting easier, and it boosts the survival rate of your unborn chicks.

Furthermore, nesting boxes come in all different shapes and sizes, even colors! Making your own nesting box is a great way to add your own touch to your coop.  

We hope we were able to help you find the perfect chicken nesting box for you and your girls!

chicken nesting boxes plans

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