7 Best Chicken Hatcheries in Idaho 2023 – Review & Guides

Idaho is known for its beautiful landscapes and potatoes. However, there are a lot of things that you can find in the “Gem State”. A good example of this has something to do with chickens. If you are thinking of setting up your poultry or coop, you can actually find the 7 best chicken hatcheries in Idaho.

Chicken Hatcheries in Idaho

Hatchery: What’s This?

If it’s your first time hearing about a hatchery, you might have some questions about it. “What’s a hatchery?” is probably on top of that list. Before driving down to one, it’s important to have an idea of what it is and what happens there.

If you are searching for a place or facility where you can find newly hatched chicks, then hatcheries are your best bet. This type of facility uses techniques and conditions that allow them to develop and grow chicks.

Hatcheries would often put fertilized eggs in incubators. The heat coming from these incubators helps keep the eggs warm. These eggs would soon hatch after 21 days. Once the chicks are born, you can purchase them from hatcheries and raise them on your own.

Where Are The Best Chicken Hatcheries in Idaho?

1. Dunlap Hatchery Poultry

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The Dunlap Hatchery Poultry has been around since 1918. For over a century, this family-owned business has made sure that they have the best equipment for hatching chickens. They currently have two locations that house 800,000 incubators.

This hatchery sells so many varieties of chickens and these usually fall into the following category:

  • Bantams
  • Broilers
  • Exotics
  • Standards

The prices of the chicks range from $1.80 to $7.50. This establishment is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Make sure you don’t visit on a Sunday or Monday because they are closed.

Location: 4703 Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell, ID 83606

Phone: 208-459-9088



2. Foxfire Farms

chickens for sale in idaho

If you are on the lookout for rare breeds, then FoxFire Farms has got your back! Since 1992, they have been providing high-quality chickens, peafowls, and game birds. Some of the chicken breeds that this hatchery has to offer include the following:

The eggs are usually sold either by 6s, 12, or 18s. The price varies, depending on the breed. It, however, already includes shipping. If you are getting different breeds, there’s a possibility that they might not be shipped altogether. The hatchery breeds several chickens so some eggs might not be ready.

Location: 3763 Spirit Lake C/O RD Spirit Lake, ID 83869

Phone: 208-660-3730


3. North Woods Homestead

Lance and Lorinda Barnes run North Woods Homestead. What is so interesting about this place is that their hatchery focuses on raising Salmon Faverolles.

The couple has tried working with several breeds in the past. However, the rarity of the Salmon Faverolles captured their hearts. One of the most important things that they have been observing is sourcing their chickens from NPIP certified breeders.

These Salmon Faverolles that they have bred according to the APA Standard of Perfection. A dozen of the Salmon Faverolles eggs is $130. The price includes shipping and handling. They also have Day Old Chicks for $10 each.

Location: E Hwy 2, Priest River, ID 83856

Email: [email protected]



4. Riggins Fancy Chickens

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The history of Riggins Fancy Chickens started in California. But after two decades, this hatchery moved to Idaho. The chickens that they have are mostly dual-purpose birds. Some of the birds they have include the following:

This hatchery has been verified by the NPIP. So whenever buying eggs and day-old chicks from here, you know that they have been cleared of diseases that usually affect poultry.

Location: 1352 S Main St, Riggins, ID 83549

Phone: 760-990-3862



5. Hyline

Since its founding nearly 90 years ago, Hy-line has been a pioneer in breeding and hybridization. In fact, they developed the very first hybrid egg laying chicken in the world.

Through their research, Hyline has created the following chicken varieties:

  • Hy-line W-36
  • Hy-line W-80
  • Hy-line Brown
  • Hy-line Silver Brown
  • Hy-line Sonia
  • Hy-line Pink

This large poultry business focuses on the welfare of its chickens. They are providing the  chickens with the best care possible, including a well-balanced diet and veterinary care.

Hy-line currently works with distributors around the world, but they still call Idaho home!

Location: 1352 S Main St, Riggins, ID 83549

Phone: 760-990-3862


6. Rockin’ R Ranch

The Rockin’ R Ranch has two specialties –  Champion Registered Murray Grey Beef and several species of poultry, including chickens.

This place offers eggs, hatching eggs, young, and adult birds. If you are thinking of buying hatching eggs, they can ship these to you. If you need more information about what they have available, you can give them a call.

At The Rockin’ R Ranch, you can pick up the following chicken breeds:

If there’s one thing that the ranch can ensure, it’s the fact that they breed the chickens according to the regulations set by the APA Standard Of Perfection.

Location: 7701 Happy Valley Rd, Kuna, ID 83634

Phone: 208-467-3541



7. Idaho Pastures

If you want to support a small farm offering eggs and hatchings in Idaho,  head over to Idaho Pastures. This family-owned farm is proud to breed and grow different chicken breeds. They even have their barnyard mix that you can purchase.

They offer eggs, hatchings, chicks, pullets, and roosters. They have the following breeds for you to choose from:

Make sure you give them a call or drop a text to confirm the availability of the chicken that you want. At the moment, Idaho Pastures can only ship in Idaho. However, picking the chickens up yourself is also preferred.

Location: P.O. Box 129 Athol, ID 83801

Phone: 888-994-3246


Chicken Hatchery Buying Guide

chicken hatcheries in idaho

Whenever you buy chickens from a hatchery, there are a couple of things you should take note of. These are factors that you need to consider so that you don’t run into any issues.

Check The Local Laws And Regulations

Depending on where you live in Idaho, there might be some restrictions in place. It’s better to check before buying your chickens. You don’t want to give the chickens away if your coop or poultry is at a location that has strict rules and regulations about raising poultry.

If you live within the Boise city limits, you can raise six hens in your backyard. Yo

u can’t, however, raise any roosters. You don’t need any permits to do this. If you live elsewhere and plan to raise quite a few chickens, it’s always best to check the local legislature. It’s better to be sure than sorry!

Importance Of The NPIP Certification

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Chickens deserve to be in a safe and healthy condition. It is something that the NPIP or National Poultry Improvement Plan looks at when inspecting poultry and hatcheries.

The NPIP is a body that looks into hatcheries in the United States. They exist to check if your flock is free from any Avian-related diseases. If a hatchery joins the NPIP, it must follow certain regulations regarding sanitation and testing. They must also allow the NPIP to check if their facilities are up to the expected guidelines. If hatcheries pass the evaluations, they get NPIP certifications.

Before making that purchase, you can check the hatchery’s website, or call to confirm if they have an NPIP certificate.

Consider The Chicken Breed

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Every chicken breed has its own beauty. However, not all can withstand harsh weather conditions. In Idaho, it can get super cold, especially in the wintertime.

Given the kind of climate Idaho has, some chicken breeds can best survive in the state. Here are some of them to give you an idea:

These are just some examples of chicken breeds that are ideal for the Idaho weather. Of course, there are many other breeds out there. You can do your research and find out more. Learning towards a chicken breed that doesn’t do well in the chilly climate can be detrimental to their health. They can get frostbite and other diseases if they are left out in the cold.

Get Healthy Chickens

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Health is wealth. And the same thing should apply to the chickens that you should get. If there’s a way for you to check the chickens in person, then you should do it. Being able to see where the chickens come from is important.

When you fail to get the healthiest chickens, there’s a possibility that it would affect the rest of your flock. If they have something serious, it could be damaging to you and the rest of your chickens.

Make sure you get your chickens, no matter how old they are, from a reputable hatchery. Check reviews and testimonials from fellow chicken enthusiasts. And make sure to remember these tips:

  • Check how active and energetic the chickens are
  • Their eyes must be bright
  • Make sure their legs and feet are straight
  • Take a look at their navel and vent

Time To Drop By A Hatchery in Idaho

If buying chickens has been on your wishlist for quite some time now, perhaps you should cross that out ASAP. It’s not that hard to find the best chicken hatcheries in Idaho. And since they offer so many different breeds, the one that you have been eyeing just might be in one of them!

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