6 Best Chicken Hatcheries in New Mexico [2024 Updated]

Your poultry raising journey, of course, starts with a single egg or chicken. Thus, it’s crucial to find a trusted hatchery wherever you may be. Your trusted hatchery will not only provide you with your desired breed, but they are also willing to help you with your inquiries. Here are the seven best chicken hatcheries in New Mexico.

1. Privett Hatchery

  • Address: 2301 W 18th St, Portales, NM 88130
  • Contact: +15753566425

Privett Hatchery sells chicken breeds at a reasonable price. They have Cochins, Brahmas, Plymouth rock, Autralorps, Barbevelder, Blue Andalusians, Wyandottes, Orpingtons, etc. Their chickens range from $1.80 to $4.00, depending on the breed you are looking for.

They also guarantee 100% full delivery of your order. Privett Hatchery also sells eggs and different types of birds like ducks and turkeys. Their service is good, and you are sure to have a professional transaction with their staff.


2. Cluckers Jacobs Family Hatchery

  • Address: 1695 Nancy Lopez Blvd, Belen, NM 87002
  • Contact: +15054526168

Cluckers Jacobs Family Hatchery aims to provide the best quality poultry for their customers, whether for your farm, backyard, or freezer. They are rated good in terms of service, and they make sure to help their customers by providing them with good quality chickens.

They also guarantee 100% delivery and are ready and able to answer any inquiry you may have about poultry. They sell several chicken breeds, including Barred Rock Silver, Buff Brahma, Laced Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, Golden Comet, Easter Egger, Red Star, Naked Neck, etc.


3. Pollo Real

  • Address: 108 Hope Farms Rd, Socorro, NM 87801
  • Contact: +15055503123

Pollo Real has been in the poultry game for a long time; they have been in the industry since 1846 and continue to provide good poultry. Pollo Real makes sure that their poultry is of good quality.

Their chickens are grass-fed using rotational grazing methods. This method helps build healthy soils and is an excellent contributor to preserving water. All in all, they make sure to provide good chickens for your farm or your kitchen table.


4. Glover Eggs

  • Address: 810 NM-189, La Mesa, NM 88044
  • Contact: +15756180279

Glover Eggs has been putting a lot of time into building its online presence and reaching as many people as possible. They are dedicated to providing the best chickens and eggs for their customers. They started as an organization that raises birds for eggs but has transitioned into a broad farm that now offers poultry and fresh meat. They enjoy raising birds and are dedicated to what they do.


5. Keller’s Farm Stores

  • Address: 2912 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112
  • Contact: +15052941427

Keller’s Farm Stores have been around for a long time and provide the best service and products for its customers. They sell good quality meats, including fish and poultry. Their service and staff are also labeled excellent by locals and regular customers. They provide a safe space for shopping and a wide variety of things you can purchase.


6. Village Mercantile

  • Address: 3675 Corrales Rd, Corrales, NM 87048
  • Contact: +15058979328

Village Mercantile is dedicated to providing their customers with their essential needs as people in the poultry industry. They aim to provide the best quality feeds and advice for your chickens.

Not only do they offer you what your chickens need, but they are also open to inquiries and even tips. Village Mercantile is willing to help you address whatever problem or questions you may have about the industry.



What To Look For When Buying Chickens in New Mexico

Buying Chickens in New Mexico

Raising chickens is not as easy as snapping your fingers. There is a process to this, including getting to know the rules and regulations about raising chickens in your place. While rural places do not have too many restrictions on raising poultry, places with a high population can be an entirely different story.

Nevertheless, when planning on raising chickens, you should always consider the rules and regulations imposed by your local government. Here are some of the basic things you should consider.

Flock size

Different places will require different flock sizes. In some areas, the maximum number of chickens can be more or less a maximum of ten chickens. In New Mexico, rural places usually allow a maximum of 50 hens for small flocks. On the other hand, the maximum number of hens or chickens in suburban locations can be even smaller.

Cities in New Mexico and Their Flock Rules (Number of Chickens)

As discussed earlier, every city can be under separate and different rules for raising chickens.

  • Albuquerque – In Albuquerque, you are allowed a maximum of 15 birds, and out of them, roosters are permitted.
  • Le Cruces – There are no exact amount of maximum birds to take care of in Le Cruces.
  • Santa Fe – Santa Fe allows as many birds as you want, and roosters are allowed.
  • Silver City – Silver City also does not have a maximum count of birds you are allowed to take care of.

For cities that do not specify whether or not they allow roosters, it would be best to ask a trusted organization that operates locally around you. It’s crucial to know their rules about roosters because you might be crossing a line about poultry raising.

Roosters tend to sing in the morning and, in exceptional cases, during the day and night. This means they can cause disturbance in a particular place if raised despite the lack of knowledge of the rules of chicken raising in the area. Some places can also be cautious that you can be charged or fined when you don’t get familiar with and follow the rules.

Raising Chickens In New Mexico

Raising Chickens In New Mexico

After getting to know the basic rules and regulations in raising chickens in New Mexico, there are still other essential things you need to check. This includes the climate and considering what breeds are compatible for a given area.

New Mexico Climate

New Mexico is a relatively large state. It is the fifth-largest of the states. High plateaus dominate the topography of the state. The state is adorned with several canyons, mountain ranges, valleys, and arroyos. The topography of New Mexico is often dry. To sum everything up, New Mexico is usually arid, and it’s rare to experience extreme weather conditions like excess rain or snow.

New Mexico is a land with two distinct climates. Both parts are characterized by an arid environment that others refer to as a desert environment despite the division. The weather in the southern part of the division is notably warmer than the weather in the northern half.

The majority of the precipitation in the southern hemisphere occurs during the summer months. Between December and February, the south experiences milder winters. In the south, the temperature can reach up to 60°F max.

This is then followed by hot and dry summers. During the summer, temperatures reach up to 90°F from June through August. This information is all according to the National Weather Service.

Summers are, on the whole, pretty enjoyable. Summers are hot and humid, with an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, Winters are frigid, with the average temperature as low as 40°F. During this period, you will be able to witness plenty of snow in the mountains.

The majority of the precipitation occurs during the late summer months. Despite this, northern New Mexico is well-known for having spectacular weather year-round. Its only season that is less than optimal is the spring season. The weather is typically dusty, windy, and frigid from March to April. Fall, on the other hand, is a magical time of year.

Ideal Breeds To Raise in New Mexico

Breeds To Raise in New Mexico

  • Campines Chickens – Campines chickens are available in two color variants. These colors are The significant degree of activity these birds possess, making them one of the most energetic birds in the area, as evidenced by their presence on the streets. Campines can withstand both cold and hot climatic conditions.
  • Penedesenca Chickens– These chickens emanate a distinct and powerful amount of energy because of their looks. The bright and powerful color red defines these birds in their plumage. These birds are native to Spain. And so, they are accustomed to temperate conditions. You won’t have to worry about heat and this breed as these hens are highly resistant to high temperatures.
  • Plymouth Rock Chickens – The wattles, combs, earlobes, and faces of these chickens are bright red, exuding intense energy. Plymouth Rock Chickens are typically considered low-maintenance chickens and can withstand cold and hot temperatures.
  • Leghorn Chickens – These hens are considered one of the healthiest chickens to take care of. Throughout their lives, they rarely have health problems. They are also heat resistant, and they have little difficulty responding to higher temperatures than average.


Finding your trusted hatchery is one of the essential things you need to explore when entering the poultry world. Next, you will also need to know the laws and regulations before choosing the breed of your chickens. Here are the seven best chicken hatcheries in New Mexico to kick-start your journey.

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